A Newborn BabyBonding with a baby is really something that comes natural when the little one arrives. Many parents still worry about expectations, and building a strong loving relationship. This process is the most crucial from newborn to age 3 years old.

  • Get a jump start on bonding before the little one arrives. Read stories, sing songs and talk so the baby will recognize the voice upon arrival. Honestly it would be hard for the baby not to recognize the voice of the mother, but dad, grandma, brothers and sisters should feel welcomed to join in. It's important for the entire family to take part of the baby's bonding journey. Having siblings read to the little one in the womb can give them a feeling of importance, by having a special responsibility. This activity can also help the siblings be more accepting of mommy and daddy bringing home a new addition to the family.
  • In most conditions, once the baby is born, the mother will be allow to hold the baby immediately. Dad will sometimes get to carry the baby out to see the other family members. This begins the ultimate bonding.
  • Holding, kissing, massaging and touching baby are all important ways of bonding with a baby. This is a very personal act of showing affection and love. Physical forms of affection are a great way to form a personal connection with a child. Children learn expressing affection from their families. Children who are hugged and kissed, are more likely to be comfortable with physical forms of affection when they are older.
  • Eye contact will strengthen the relationship, but it's important to remember that a wee newborn doesn't have the eye site of an older baby. So make eye contact will holding and cuddling the sweet one.
  • Continue reading, talking and singing to baby. This is fun and educational for the baby.
  • Breastfeeding is an excellent, healthy process that can generate a strong bond between mother and child. However, it is not necessary. If a mother is not able to breast feed, she should not feel guilty or inadequate. Many woman choose not to breastfeed for medical or personal reasons.
  • There are many rumors about it being extremely important to bond with the baby as much as possible in the hospital. Sometimes it's just not possible. Health reasons or hospital policies might prevent this. A family member, including mom should not feel inadequate or bad if this should be a problem. There will be plenty of time at home to form a lasting personal bond with baby.