Bone china mugs are a very popular piece of kitchenware amongst people of all ages. They are a great addition to your fine dining pieces and you can always find a pattern that suits you. Fine china dates back over 9000 years and is considered an ancient art form. Bona china is a very glass like, smooth and non-porous pottery. It is made from fine china clay, china stone, kaolin and bone ash. It's a very lightweight material and even though it looks like it is delicate, it does not chip very easily and is quite durable. You can get many different styles of patterns on your bone china mugs, and many look very formal, however there are a lot more modern designs around now, and if that is what you are after then you will be able to find a mug that suits you.

You need to be careful of buying imitation bone china mugs. There are many out there and if you don't have the eye for it then it is quite hard to tell. Many shop owners will sell simple porcelain or stone ware and will call it fine china. You must note that porcelain is quite ivory in appearance and bone china is very white. This is one telling sign of a fake. The other thing you must look out for is if it is translucent or not. Bone china is a very translucent material and it is a sure sign that you are getting the real deal. The problem is, if you buy a fake bone china mug, you are looking at something that is a lot less durable, and will break a lot easier. If you paid a decent price for it, there is nothing more frustrating then getting home and putting it in your dishwasher and finding that it chips very easily. Real bone china is pretty tough, and will not break very easily.

Whatever you are looking for there is a bone china mug out there with the pattern that suits you and your kitchen. They are great to bring out when entertaining, or just using them for your own fine dining experience. If you are not into the normal formal style of pattern that exists on most mugs, you can find nowadays a lot more mugs made out of bone china that have more modern patterns on them. Bone china mugs look great, they are durable, they have all the elegance without the expensive price tag, and will make a lovely addition to your collection of kitchen and tableware.