Bonnaroo 2011 Headliners Announced

The Bonnaroo 2011 headliners were announced on February 4th 2011.  These announcements were not officially announced by Bonnaroo, but the information was leaked from a valuable source on the Bonnaroo message board Inforoo.  The poster on the message board known as "Insider" declared that she knew 5 confirmed headliners and that a 6th headliner was still in negotiations with Bonnaroo.

 Insider's credibility is backed up, due to the posts that she's made the past few years.  In 2009 she rightfully predicted that the Beastie Boys, Phish, and Bruce Springsteen would all be at Bonnaroo.  She came back in 2010 and announced that Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Stevie Wonder, and Jay-Z would all be at the farm.  This gives the poster "Insider" complete credibility, as her reputation is backed up by 2 years of truth in accordance with the Bonnaroo lineup.  

Bonnaroo 2011

The Bonnaroo 2011 Headliners!

Not only has insider announced which artists are going to headline Bonnaroo 2011, she also mentioned which days those artists would be playing.  Here is a compiled list of the headliners under the select days that they are playing:

Friday, June 10th

Friday has been announced as having Arcade Fire and My Morning Jacket.  My personal guess is that My Morning Jacket will play a late night set after Arcade fire plays.  Both shows will definitely be an excellent time filled with awesome music.

Arcade Fire The Black Keys

Saturday, June 11th

Saturday is the vague day that isn't completely answered.  We do know that we are supposed to have 2 Headliners for Saturday at Bonnaroo 2011, however it is uncertain who one of them is.  Insider has stated that The Black Keys are in fact playing, however it is unclear who the main headliner is, or if The Black Keys are even considered to be one of the 2 headliners.  Some believe that The Black Keys are a main stage act that's playing before the headliners, others belive that The Black Keys are one of the headliners.  Insider has stated that there will be one hip hop/rap headliner for Saturday, so several are debating on who that could be.  It is possible that Eminem & Dr. Dre could collaborate as a headliner for Saturday night at Bonnaroo 2011.

Sunday, June 12th

Robert Plant

Sunday has been announced as having Robert Plant & The Band of Joy and Widespread Panic as the headliners to close out the festival.  These headliners are good ways to close out the festivals 10th year anniversary, whereas Robert Plant & Widespread have both been at the festival before.


As a recap of the headliners announced so far, we have:

1. Arcade Fire
2. My Morning Jacket
3. The Black Keys
4. Robert Plant & The Band of Joy
5. Widespread Panic
6. ???


So far the lineup looks very promising.  Along with great headliners, the other bands on the lineup look like they are going to be good (I've written an article that discusses rumored bands for the Bonnaroo 2011 lineup).  With the announcement of Bonnaroo's headliners and the entire Coachella lineup (which you can still get tickets to), 2011 should be an awesome year for music festivals.  If you're new to attending music festivals, you should read the article I wrote about essentials you should bring with you.  The 6th artist as a headliner should be announced soon, as well as the rest of the lineup.