Bonsai plants which means tree or pot in Japanese has become an artform world wide. The Japanese have classified a bonsai tree if they are in a pot for at least 10 years or more. Their are many bonsai tree styles that are available such as:

Moyo - Gi : Bonsai plants have a formal upright style and one of the easiest bonsai trees to grow and take care of.

Shaken : Plants that have a trunk that is leaning or on a slant are usually this style. The slant usually measures between 30 and 75 degrees.

Kengai : You will find that this style of bonsai the trunk is slanting or bending over the pot. You may also see the trunk even form twists.

Hokidachi : This bonsai tree has a symmetrical style with the trunk being very straight with fine twig branches.

Bonsai Plants

What Plants Can Be Used For Bonsai?

This is a common question asked when deciding to grow a bonsai tree. Any plant that can be pruned or cut quite easily can be used as a bonsai plant. The most popular plants that are often used are conifers,azalea, cypress and also serissa.

These types of plants have been used for bonsai as they are both suited for the experts of bonsai to even the people who are just starting out. They also bloom beautiful flowers,have an attractive bark and also an interesting foliage.

If you are just starting out, you will need to learn the art of bonsai which is quite easy to learn with practice. To make sure your bonsai plants are growing correctly , you will need to prune the roots,branches and also repot the tree if needed.

You will find that most beginners just starting out usually use normal potting mix to get them comfortable with growing their bonsai trees but once you become more experienced you can easily make your own potting mix. Here is a recipe for a bonsai soil mix that you can use:

1. One part Loam
2. Two parts sphaguum peat moss
3. Two parts granite grit

You should be able to find these ingredients easily at any gardening outlet or nursery.

How Often Should You Water Your Bonsai Tree?

If your bonsai plants are positioned outside where the rain can water them, you will not need to water them as much depending on the weather. In the summer months it is important to water your trees a few times per week and daily if you are surrounded by very hot weather conditions.

Also , if you have access to a water drip sprinkler, this may be a lot easier during the summer time and will ensure that your bonsai plants are getting enough water to grow.

No matter if you are a beginner or expert in the art of bonsai, you will enjoy this as a hobby and will get full enjoyment out of it as there are no strict rules in growing your very own bonsai tree. If you have commitment, time,patience and skill you will really enjoy this Japanese art.

Best Bonsai For Beginners