When you have bonsai trees and plants in your garden, you should always know about the various bonsai supplies that are essential for the growth of your bonsais. You should be aware of all the supplies available today, which were not part of the traditional bonsai cultivation technique used centuries ago. These plants require a lot of care and attention from the owner and bonsai supplies are also a must. The bonsai supplies come in the range of $40-$600 depending upon your needs.

The most popular bonsai supplies that are present in today’s market are:

  • Bonsai Fertilizers:  The main bonsai supply is the fertilizer which is essential for the growth of indoor plants. The fertilizers help to maintain the nutritional content of the soil used for the bonsai plant. I prefer the chemical fertilizers over the organic ones, as they are water soluble and can easily be mixed into the soil. Always follow the directions on the fertilizer bag. 
  • Humidity Trays:  Another major supply is bonsai humidity trays. These trays not only enhance the appearance of the surroundings but also increase the humidity level of the indoors. The water collected in the tray is evaporates and creates humidity in the room where the plant is kept. The increased humidity level is ideal for the growth of the plant in the indoor surroundings.
  • Bonsai Pot: In the list of supplies, bonsai pots are at the top of the list. The pot enhances the appearance of the bonsai plants and come in different shapes and sizes. The right pot should be two-thirds of the height of the bonsai plant. Always select a pot which contains one hole at the bottom which is critical for drainage of the plant. The stagnation of water in the pot might trigger root rot.
  • Wire: One of the other major supplies is the wire which is essential for providing a better shape to the bonsai plant. The bonsai wire should be made of aluminum or copper. With these metals, it becomes quite easy to get the desired shape of the bonsai tree or a plant.
  • Garden Shears: While taking care of your bonsai plant, an essential tool is garden sheers. Garden shears help in pruning of the plant and in getting the desired shape you desire. Pruning has to be carried out once every year to maintain the plant so that it can last for decades.
  • Pot locks: This is one of the new bonsai supplies that has been added to the list of necessary equipment. The pot locks have bolts that are easily managed.
  • Cases: One more add-on to the list of bonsai supplies is the case that is well-designed and especially made to carry bonsai tools. The cases used today hold scissors, shears and cutters.
  • Bonsai Brooms:  Among many other bonsai supplies, bonsai brooms have become quite popular. The broom helps us to clean the debris and extra bonsai soil from the root base.  Use short brush strokes to keep the bonsai pot trim and the root area of your plot neat and clean.  Always keep the broom clean and moist.

The most important question which you all must be thinking about is where to get these bonsai supplies. You can search in your nearby stores that carry garden supplies. If not you can look on the various online e-commerce sites or bidding sites that provide quality bonsai supplies at a discount.