Bonsai Supplies for your decorative tree

Bonsai supplies are necessary to train the branches and trunks of young bonsai trees as well as trimming and supporting them. The materials used for support and training must be attached in such a way as to allow only the actual tree to be seen when on display. Training will generally take years over all however very little time is actually spent creating the shape.

Required Bonsai Supplies

Required bonsai supplies are the basic tools that are needed to bend, shape and trim young trees so they will be transformed into miniature masterpieces. A common list of materials that are needed include Annealed copper wire or aluminum wire, brooms and potting aids, brushes, chemicals, fertilizer and accessories, moss, transplanting tools, a bonsai tool case, soil sleeves, rafia, soil scoops, watering containers and spray nozzles. By using these basic items to train a young bonsai tree and with proper care a love of bonsai gardening will likely develop.

Turntables are ideal for placing the bonsai tree on allowing for a full view from all angles while trimming and shaping. The tool cases include very fine tweezers to carefully trim leaves back when they are just beginning to form, allowing for the branch to become bushier and to aid in the miniaturization. Wire is used to bend and shape the branches and trunk of the tree and rafia may be used to protect the surface. A delicate balance of fertilizer is required, enough to keep the bonsai healthy yet not so much as to burn the roots and foliage.

Moss placed around the bonsai will enhance the appearance while the soil sleeves protect the root system. Soil scoops, brooms and brushes as well as watering apparatus are necessary for bonsai more than for other types of plants as they require a more delicate care than regular houseplants.

A bonsai supplies list is not complete without the addition of specialty soil. Bonsai soil is available to work with various types of trees including, deciduous, conifer and tropical. The mix as well as the acidic and alkaline balance is crucial to the health of bonsai trees. Specialty rakes and grafting tools are also available and should be considered essential tools for the art of bonsai.

Shopping for Bonsai Supplies

Shopping for bonsai supplies may be possible through local garden centers and some flower shops; however they are a specialty item and may be difficult to locate many places. Shopping online presents many sites from which to choose these basic bonsai supplies, and in addition they offer planting containers ideally suited to individual plantings or larger groups.

Shopping for bonsai supplies online through specialty bonsai websites will offer additional care and pruning tips both through the journals that are located on many sites and through the opportunity to order DVD's and books specially designed for bonsai enthusiasts. Display tables made to fit different styles of bonsai pots are also available to proudly showcase your individual work of art.

Pricing Bonsai Supplies

Pricing bonsai supplies online through various sites will provide the best price for the intended purchases by comparing prices on various items. Soil is available for approximately ten dollars per 2 lb bag in any of the three main mixtures. Bonsai figurines called "mudmen" as well as accompanying figures which add interest to the bonsai garden sell at just under 4 dollars and range to 10 dollars. Bonsai tool case sets begin at 100 dollars and go well over 200 for a complete set. Humidity trays are available for approximately ten dollars, with pots beginning in the same range and going up in price according to the style and design chosen. Bonsai wire is available for 6 to 30 dollars with copper being at the higher end of the price range.

Purchasing and learning to use bonsai supplies will help both the hobbyist and master bonsai gardener in creating a successful plant. While the tools resemble many that may already be in the home, some of the scissors and tweezers perhaps, many sites do recommend the use of specialty bonsai products do their smaller size and ability to make more precise cuts. For the novice bonsai gardener a book or DVD on the art of bonsai would be one of the most important purchases to begin with. A starter tool set may be used when first learning and upgraded piece by piece until a complete set is achieved. The wire is an absolute for training the tree, and while copper may be more attractive, the less expensive aluminum is a workable option when purchasing bonsai supplies.