This well designed Booda Dome Step cat litter box is a great way to save your floors, rugs and even walls from spatters of cat litter that your cat sends flying from the tray.

Each cat has their very own special way of using the “toilet”.  Some are neat as a pin, and don’t create much mess at all (very few!) and other will dig as if digging to the other side of the world, do their business and then put the same effort into sending any litter left back the other way to bury it.

My cat, loves to dig a huge hole, and with such force that the litter flies from the box, she then does her business, turns around and starts the process again to cover it.  The problem up until now is that she is a big cat, and many of the covered litter trays simply would not fit her girth.

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Other cats will end up with litter between their toes and then leap from the box at high speed tracking litter with them.  You may even notice it in rooms far away from the litter box!  My cat would simply leap from the box in mid burying mode!

Depending on your cat’s “litter personality” you may find something like this Booda Dome to work well. 

It is large enough even for big cats, and the stairs give them some privacy to do their business, plus it stops them from tracking the litter out into other rooms.  It comes complete with a filter to keep smells out of the surrounding room and looks good too.  They love the stairs.

You are not left staring at business in a tray or a pile of litter next to the tray or even further away.  We used to keep our cat’s litter tray in the laundry room, and I would cringe as I entered the room as there was usually gritty litter all around it  and in front of the washer and I was constantly sweeping it up.

But the best part is that litter stays in the litter box.  No matter how far they decide to dig, it will hit the sides and simply fall back in the box and the smells stay inside too!

It is actually large enough to take on two cats at the same time, so a good unit for a multiple cat family.

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Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box, Titanium
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this is a really cute and private way for your cat to do their business

The Booda Dome Covered Cat Litter box is a great product for anyone living in a small space that they share with their kitty or kitties.  This way you don’t have to look at your cat’s business on a regular basis and saves all the sweeping and cleaning, plus it is pretty good looking. 

If you need to keep your litter box out in the open somewhere simply because of a space issue and are sick and tired of walking on sprayed litter or looking at it, then this would be worth the investment and your kitty will love the privacy.