MSM as a Treatment for Melasma


Information about a treatment for Melasma that is effective for some people but rarely discussed.


Evidence is mostly anecdotal.

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Sufferers of Melasma are often desperate to find a treatment that works. Despite the fact that this condition is purely cosmetic, it can cause one who has it to be self-conscious about the brown patches, usually on the face.

There are lots of treatments for Melasma, ranging from skin procedures to prescription topical creams. Many natural remedies exist as well. Melasma - Is This the Clear Solution by Vanessa Wild discusses one of those natural treatments. This book is about treating Melasma with high doses of the supplement MSM. MSM is often used for relief from joint pain. Some users, such as Ms. Wild, claim that is has skin benefits as well.

The book is 120 pages in length and discusses Ms.Wild's experience with Melasma as well as other women's experiences with the condition. It's important to note that the information in this book is entirely anecdotal, meaning it consists of other people's stories and experiences. But the author does give specific information about how much MSM she used, in what form, and for how long. She shares other people's information about that as well.

The book is sold through Amazon, where where there are nine customer reviews. The average customer rating of the book is 4 out of 5 stars. You can get a real feel for the kind of information that is in the book by reading the reviews.

My assessment of the book is that it is good information about a group of people's experiences using MSM to treat Melasma. I asked my dermatologist about MSM as a treatment, and while she wasn't aware of it as a treatment and has never recommended it to her patients, she also wasn't opposed to her patients trying it. My experience is that most dermatologists have just a few treatments for Melasma available to them, none of which are particularly effective for this stubborn condition. If a group of people feel that MSM is helpful, it is probably worth trying and it may have other health benefits as well.

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