Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street by W J Burley is one of the most outstanding books in the Wycliffe series.

This is the second book I have read in the Wycliffe series. I cannot even remember the first book since that is quite boring, and predictable.

This book is different.

The characterization of the victim is so well done that I feel as if I know her as an old friend.

The victim was a prostitute. However, she was not just a prostitute. She was the daughter of a prominent person in town. She was also a businesswoman in property investment. Her sideline included blackmailing. She did not blackmail for money. She wanted information.

The victim was apparently a talented young woman with a business acumen and artistic temperament.

She could become a famous artist or prominent businesswoman.

However, her sad childhood led her to rebel against the norm in the society.

The more Wycliffe investigated, the more we know about the victim.

Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street by W J Burley portrays the two young men central in this story as well.

When I read this book, I hope that Morris would live. He is such a talented young man who needs love to bloom.

It is a pity that he worshipped the victim who did not think much about him.

I find that the Christmas overtone does not sit well in a murder investigation. It seems weird to have a murder appears in a book with Christmas theme.

This book is not thick. It is a relatively thin book, and as easy to read as Agatha Christie's books.

It has no unrelated and unnecessary side theme to the story. It makes reading much easier and enjoyable.

The book has a bigger font than most paperbacks. I find it easier to read when travelling on the way to work in a crowded train.

The author maintains the suspense throughout the book. Wycliffe has a bad gut feeling about this case right from the start. This feeling adds to the thrill of the plot.

The arson and the second dead body bring the story to a new height. It is hard to close the book. The identity of the second body is not revealed until the end of the book.

As I read the book, I hope that it is not Morris. I like Morris more than the other young man.

Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street by W J Burley is an excellent mystery book. If you love a good mystery, you will enjoy it very much.