Is It Possible To Remain Acne-Free?

Author Dawn Amador, fashionista and beauty expert in her own right explains her battle with acne in her twenties and what she did to not only heal the acne scarring that tormented her  but prevent future breakouts and future acne scarring.  There are not many books out there about acne written from this vantage point.  Having acne can make life very difficult, especially when you are past the point where makeup can cover it.  It can cause low self esteem and other emotional and psychological issues. Dawn Amador seems to get it because she has lived through it and has found her path to remaining acne free.



  • Told from a very personal vantage point. The author's own personal struggle with acne and how she conquered it, including all of the scars and lesions that had taken residence on her face and disfigured it. Author explains the very real feeling of wanting to "scrub the skin off my face," hoping it would get rid of her acne.  She also explains the low self esteem and feelings of depression that comes along with this skin disease.
  • Gives a basic understanding of Acne and why it happens.
  • Takes a realistic approach to battling acne.  The author admits that the cause of acne may be different for different people, however, the process is still the same. Sebaceous glands filled with blackheads, combined with dead skin cells and oil get inflamed and form pustules, cysts and so forth that cause acne and can lead to a terrible ordeal at any age. She gives takes you through different approaches to help you conquer your acne.
  • Includes sections vitamins and supplements and their importance in your diet and efforts toward remaining acne free.
  • Gives you ideas for meals that will lessen inflammation.
  • Tells you her regime that she uses including her must have product and must do practices.
  • Explains how simple diet and lifestyle changes can help a majority of acne sufferers.

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  • Includes things that may be cost prohibitive to some people such as 
  • Advocates a decrease in the intake of dairy and gluten which may not be doable for some people.
  • Advocates colonics and skin brushing which may make some people uncomfortable.
  • Advocates things like acid skin peels and oxegen facials which may not be in everyone's budget no matter how effective they may be.


Overall Review

It's not just another acne book. First and foremost it is told from the personal vantage point of someone who suffers with acne and is an acne survivor. I use the term acne survivor because once you are acne-prone your have to continually remain on your guard to do things to keep the acne from returning.  When you have acne, there is no cure, there is daily maintenance to keep it under control and keep flare ups at a minimum or completely suppressed.  This is done through diet, lifestyle and what we use on our skin. There are many reasons when people break out and have acne, you have to find YOUR trigger and use the right system that works for you. One acne system that works for someone else, might not work for you because it is not addressing the main reason for your flare ups to begin with.  This book gives you a basic account of how you can do these things and give general things that everyone can do to keep the skin clean and reduce inflammation.