Book Review: Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

review by Passive Income Monk with Steven Swanson

Passive Income Monk Book Review Crush It!Crush It! author Gary Vaynerchuk does more than simply outline the mechanics behind developing an audience by leveraging blogging and social media. He extolls the virtues of the human element while (case in point) revealing his own personal story and revelations along the way. There are many gold nuggets of inspiration peppered throughout the book but a few highlights stand out (in my own words):

Know your stuff. Blogs, lectures, podcasts, books, classes, conferences. Drink from the firehouse and sponge it like nobody's business.

Differentiate yourself. "Everyone has the same access to the same tools as you do. Lots of people can play the piano, but not everyone can be Billy Joel." Have an opinion, take a position, add a twist, add some spin, maybe even a little controversy%u2026 Expertise + Your Opinion + Passion = interesting.

Engage. Actively forge and maintain relationships with people in your niche. Post comments on blogs. Troll all the forums. Mine Twitter. Befriend like-minded people on Facebook. Respond to all feedback.

Care. Wholeheartedly. Be authentic because people can smell pre-fab, I'm in it for the money BS a mile a way.

Personally, my biggest takeaway is the simplicity of the message itself: infuse your unique vantage point with your voice, your style - consistently and zealously - and you will attract a following.

Gary is careful to ground any delusions of grandeur with a healthy dose of reality. In order to achieve some degree of champagne wishes and caviar dreams plan on working ridiculously hard. Have a 9-5? Got kids? All good. Plan on staying up to 3 am. Inspiration + perspiration right? bad do you want it?

Much like the gospel of passion he preaches, Vaynerchuk's enthusiasm itself is contagious so if you're just starting out get inspired and read it. If you've started a business - on or offline - but lost steam read it. If you've already read it and need a morale boost re-read it.

The thing I liked most about Crush It! is that many of the tenets that reverberate throughout the book in some way shape or form are an affirmation of the Passive Income Monk's pursuit of the 6 Perfections.

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If you've read it, circle back for a comment. Are you crushing it? Share your story.

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