Thirteen Reasons Why, is a novel written by Jay Asher. In the novel a person named Clay Jenson who is the narrator of the story, receives a package in the mail. After opening the package, Clay finds a audiotaped suicide note from another girl named Hannah Baker. In the package are seven tapes and thirteen stories. Hannah was a girl who went to Clays High School who committed suicide a few weeks before by taking pills. Clay had a crush on Hannah and was surprised to find that the tapes were mostly about people who were mean to her.

   On the tapes Hannah starts by saying that these 13 stories are about events in her life the caused her to commit suicide. She says that  the people who are listed in these stories will receive these cassettes in the mail, their job is to listen to them and pass them on to the next person on the list. If they fail to do that, the tapes will go public and the world will know what has happened.

   Clay becomes shocked when he discovers that he is one of the people on these tapes. He cannot remember hurting Hannah in any way  and is shocked. Hannah gave each person a map with certain places noted. If the person wants they can follow the map and find where some of Hannah's story's take place. Clay decides he wants to do this and he goes to his friend Tony's house and steals his walker to listen to the tapes while walking around. Clay is not aware of the fact though the Hannah trusted  Tony with another set of tapes which he was to release if any one of the people on the list failed to pass the package on. 

Clay listens to each of the story's and follows the path Hannah set out for him. He realizes that people at school were really mean to Hannah and gossiped a lot about her. Eventually Clay ends up at the locally Ice cream shop. Hannah told a story about how she went to the ice-cream shop waiting for her date to arrive and when he arrived 30 minutes later, he tried to abuse her.  Clay finds these tapes very depressing but still does not see how he fits. His name had not been mentioned up to that point and he was on the 8th story. 
Tony shows up to the ice-cream shop and confronts Clay about the stolen walker. Clay explains that he asked Tony and that Tony just didn't remember. Tony goes on to order and eat food. Clay continues to listen to the tape and notices something strange when Tony leaves.

 Tony never actually leaves he parks out of view and waits for Clay. Late at night when Clay walks out of the ice-cream shop, Tony tells him to get into his car. When Clay does, Tony explains how Hannah entrusted him with keeping the tapes. He tells Clay to continue listening because the ninth one is about him. When Clay starts the tape, Hannah says that he is the only person who does not belong on those tapes. She talks about the night the two meet at a party and she really liked him. Clay realizes that Hannah liked him too. She was shy and never talked to him much.  The tape goes on to share though that she pushed him away from her, because she had been hurt too many times and couldn't trust anyone anymore. Clay is shocked and relived at the story. Tony drops him off at the house at the party and Clay sits there and continues listening. The tapes go on to talk about what happened after the party. The last tape is a recording that Hannah took of her with the guidance counselor at her school. In the tape she tells the guidance consoler that she needs help and she tries to reach out to him for help. Unsatisfied with the answer she gets from him she leaves. That is the end of the tapes.  The story ends with Clay going to the postoffice and mailing the package to the next person on the list.