Robert Kiyosaki once asked his rich dad “What advice would you give to the average investor” to which he responded “Don’t be average”. It is because of this advice and his determination to help others that Robert has written yet another thrilling, engaging and informative book for those that want to be part of the 10 per cent that control 90 per cent of the money in the world.

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If you want to get rich quick or want someone to tell you where to invest your money then this is not the book for you. This book is about the fundamentals of the creation of wealth as used by the richest people in the world, such as Bill Gates founder of Microsoft, Warren Buffet the riches investor in the world and Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon.

In his book Robert takes you through his journey from returning home from the Vietnam War as Marine, to becoming a millionaire Insider Investor, right through to the start of his journey to become an Ultimate Investor and possibly a billionaire.

In the first part of the book Robert returns to find that his friend Mike and his dad (his rich dad) have become two of the richest men in Hawaii. Meanwhile his dad has become jobless and in real financial trouble and only getting poorer. With his contract as a Marine pilot is coming to an end, he decides to continue where he left off as a teenager. He begins his journey to mentally prepare himself to be an investor. He soon discovers though that he is no longer investing at the same level as his friend, who is investing in the investments of the rich.

The discovery that his friend Mike is investing in investments that only qualified investors can invest in leads him to discover there is a whole other world of investing that is only open to the rich. With this new world comes new levels of investing and Robert takes you through the details of what makes each level, including the positives and negatives.

Robert then goes on to create a highly successful multi-national company which makes him a millionaire, only to have the business go bust and lose everything. His rich dad had been teaching him how to develop a strong business using a structure that is designed to give the business strength and protection. He uses his mistakes to demonstrate the importance of including all of the pieces in the structure of the business and how it makes a strong foundation to stop the business toppling.

Next Robert teaches you the mindset of a Sophisticated Investor and the knowledge that you need to make the right investment choices. He takes you on the start of his journey to become the Ultimate Investor where he began taking part in the floating of companies on the stock market.

Finally comes the most important part, the responsibility of the rich to give some of it back, to benefit the community and help those in need.

Every time I read this book it gives me the knowledge and understanding that I need in order to see my life goals become a reality. Resetting my mindset back to where it needs to be to achieve these goals. This book has given me the confidence to know that I will be able to build a large sustainable business and I now have the foundational knowledge that will allow me to reduce the risk of my investments without reducing the return received.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to run their own business or to invest like the rich.

I Give This Book:

Rich Dad's Guide To Investing By Robert Kiyosaki Josh Young 2014-02-21 5.0 0 5

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