Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason


Quick and easy to read

Sure fire plan to creating wealth


Concrete rules and guidelines you can follow

Stories you can relate to about mans struggle with earning and preserving money

Moral lessons about money


I would have liked for the book to have more parables but that is really reaching

Full Review

The Richest Man In Babylon is one of the best personal finance books that you can get your hands on. In this review I want to share with you why I believe every person who is seeking to better their life financially should read the time tested principles that are layed out so well for you. The Richest Man in Babylon shares with you many sucess secrets of the wealthy and financially free that have been around for many generations.

George Clason dispenses financial advice through many parables that hit home to the financial struggles of so many in todays modern world. The book starts off with seven chapters explaining the "7 cures" to becoming wealthy and or financially free. These "money rules" or in the book money is refered to as gold, explain to you through a narrative how ones finacial situation can improve by just applying some rules, and guidelines to your life.

In the middle chapters of the book George Clason reviews the rules of gold and how you should understand how gold (or money in modern times) works. He explains this in his " The 5 laws of Gold". These laws are very insightful and if practiced and obeyed will help your chances in reaching your personal finance goals.

The last few chapters are parables that each have their own money lesson. It brings you through the life and hardships of man looking to either keep his wealth, pay back debtors and how to acquire more wealth.

The author uses characters that can be easily identified by the readers so that they can adopt easily and see themselves in the story. In each story you can apply the lesson to your daily living. Actually, these lessons or principles on acquiring gold ( or money) are really simple and basic. These principles are very simple yet it is very hard to live by these rules because we as humans have trouble with self-control on spending wealth when we have it. In order for us to follow these rules, we would need to have self-control on budgeting and spending. We must be consistently frugal and spend wisely on essentials.

In Closing

If you are looking for very basic, time tested rules and guidelines to follow then you should by all means pick up The Richest Man in Babylon today. It is not a get rich quick method but rather a concrete plan to acquiring wealth and paying down debt. A truly must read.