How do you find a book? Checkout the library? Browse used book stores? Shop online? All are good ways to find and buy books. But, what if you can't find the book, or it costs more than you want to spend, and you really want to own the book?

Here is an easy way to find books you want, and get them for no cost other than postage. There is a book club that has an organized way for you to find books and acquire them by swapping for some unwanted books gathering dust on your shelf.

I've picked up some treasures from the PaperBack Swap Book Club. I've picked up collectible books (some first editions in pristine condition), found early books by favorite authors, and added to my reference library. I've found books to give as gifts.

Things You Will Need

All you need is the Internet connection that you are using now, a free account, and some books you are ready to part with!

Step 1

Join PaperBack Swap - no cost or effort required. Click here to get that out of the way. Get your account setup. Pick your nickname.

Step 2

Gather some of those books that you no longer want... a book you've read... a book you bought by mistake... the book you couldn't get into... the gift you don't need. The beautiful aspect is that your discards are on somebody's wish list!

Step 3

Post your books. It's so simple. Just enter the ISBN number. The site does all the rest; they look up the book, add the appropriate cover art, and confirm the selection with you. Takes just a few minutes to enter your list of books to swap.

Step 4

Enter the book(s) you are looking for. Your wish list is kept online and matched with the current inventory of wishes and matched with each new book as they are posted. The site is always browsing for you.

Step 5

When somebody requests one of your books, you accept the request, print out the pre-addressed cover page, wrap and mail the book.

Step 6

When one of your wish list items becomes available, you are contacted. If you have credits from sending books, simply say "yes" and the rest is automatic. If you don't have credits, then simply agree to pay the actual postage.

Step 7

Your free book arrives a few days later.
If you are tired of selling used books for peanuts, consider book swapping.

If you have books you want to read, but can't find, then consider joining PaperBack Swap.

If you collect books, let the book club do the continual searching for you.

Can't find early books by a favorite author? Join the book club, and increase your search.

Tips & Warnings

Don't sign up to swap if you won't be able to wrap and mail within a few days.

Don't post books you don't have on hand.

Don't send soiled or tattered books.