With literally thousands of different book characters to choose from, you may be wondering which of the Book Week costume ideas that you should be choosing. Book Week is an absolute hit in elementary and high schools across the world because it integrates the idea of Halloween and dressing up with the idea of reading and literacy. Whether you are a student or a teacher, you will definitely be able to use any of these Book Week costume ideas to dress up as a character from a book!

Harry Potter Is One Of The Most Popular Book Week Costume Ideas

J.K. Rowling did an absolutely amazing job at creating this book/movie series; moreover, this series has resulted in some of the most popular characters in the book/film industry. Harry Potter is the main character in the Harry Potter series, and plays a nerdy magician.

There are many ways that you can execute a Harry Potter costume as one of your Book Week costume ideas; however, there are a few specific accessories that you should keep in mind.

Magician’s Wand- The wand is the absolute essence of Harry’s existence, and it is what allows him to perform magical spells. The unique thing about this costume accessory is that it is wooden, and very thin; in addition, it comes to a pointed tip at the end.

Circular Glasses-I believe that these circular glasses are what make Harry look nerdy, and are unique to his character. The circular glasses are a must when you are putting together Harry Potter costumes for Book Week!

A Broom- Brooms are used throughout the Harry Potter series in a game called Quittich; the characters ride on them as they play throughout the field. I am not telling you to try to ride on the broom while you have the Harry Potter costume on; however, having a broom in your hand, along with the other Harry Potter costume accessories, will allow people to know exactly what you are dressing up as for book week.

The Cat In The Hat Is Perfect If You Love Dr. Seuss

One of the greatest things about any of the Dr. Seuss costumes is that they are perfect for both children and adults; whether you are a teacher or a student, you will benefit from any of the Dr. Seuss Book Week costume ideas!

There are quite a few Dr. Seuss characters that you can dress up as; however, this section will be specifically referring to The Cat In The Hat costume. There are two routes that you can choose to take with this costume. The first route involves purchasing the Cat In The Hat costume as a whole, and paying nearly $100 for it! This is a great route to choose if you do not have the time to make your own costume; however, choosing the second route will save you a ton of money in the long run.

The second route to take with the Cat In The Hat costume involves creating it yourself with the combination of makeup and accessories. To make the process of executing any of the Cat In The Hat Book Week costume ideas simple, you should be focusing on buying a top hat and shirt that have red and white horizontal stripes, and using costume makeup to paint your face in the form of a cat.

Peter Pan And Tinkerbell Are Amazing Book Week Costume Ideas For Kids

Sometimes you will have two children that would like to dress up as characters from the same book during Book Week; Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are the perfect characters to choose if you have a boy and a girl. The unfortunate thing about these two Book Week costume ideas is that they are nearly impossible to make with a combination of accessories. There are only two routes to take with these costumes: one is expensive, and the other is difficult. You are left to basically either buy the entire costume from a costume store or create it from scratch with materials.

Alice In Wonderland-Great Book Week Costumes For Teachers

Alice In Wonderland is a classic series, and has plenty of characters for teachers to dress up as during book week. The only reason that I am referring to teachers when I speak about the costumes from this series is because I believe that they are rather mature costumes, and suit teachers more than students. Whether you are thinking about dressing up as Alice, Queen of Hearts, or Mad Hatter, all of the Alice IN Wonderland characters would make the best Book Week costume ideas for teachers that are instructing a group of students!

Little Red Riding Hood Is A Great Costume For Young Girls

Little Red Riding Hood is a very popular character for girls between the ages of 4 and10. This popularity can be attributed to the fact that these young girls can relate to the character in the story by being scared, and visiting their grandmothers. With that being said, dressing up as this character in a red hood is one of the best book week costume ideas for young girls.

A great costume is one that allows the person to relate to whom they are dressing up as. Since young girls can easily relate to Little Red Riding Hood, it only follows that they would be able to portray the character in a costume very easily. What makes this Book Week costume even better is the fact that the young girls may already have a red hooded sweater in their closet that they can wear during Book Week. Saving money on Book Week costumes is an amazing thing to do; moreover, having to buy fewer accessories translates to saving some money on your daughter’s Book Week costume! Ask your daughter what she thinks about Little Red Riding Hood, and you will discover whether or not it is the perfect Book Week costume for her.

Book Week is a fun time for both teachers and students because it allows them to integrate the characters that they love to read about with the costumes that they love to dress up in!