10 reasons why books are better than Kindles

Bath time reading

A nice relaxing bath involves getting wet. Not just you, sometimes the book too. A Kindle Ebook does not like water nor will it tolerate being left on the patio if it rains. It is not over fond of bath time either and gets very slippery so do not try it. The book will recover from a spot of dampness.

Cooking the books

This follows on from the book falling into the bath scenario or being left out in the rain. Simply place the book in the oven on a low heat to dry it out and it will be good as new again for you to continue reading. Note of warning: Do not place electronic books or your Kindle in the oven.

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Sleeping with your book

At bedtime, fall asleep while you read and you will not give two hoots where the book falls as you enter dreamland. Maybe it will stay in the bed and get tossed around during the night but you won’t care a jot because it will be just fine in the morning. Your Kindle might crack itself when it falls out of your hands and, of course, it will immediately jerk you awake because you will be aware of how it might be damaged if it hits the floor.

Pressing home the advantage

Book pages lend themselves to pressing flowers. You can press other thing but mainly herbs and leaves. The book smells wonderful afterwards. You can also keep post-its or small notes in your book. You need two Kindles to press flowers and it is not very effective.

Kicking out

If you are carrying several books between rooms and one of them falls to the floor. You know that you cannot afford to bend down to retrieve it because the rest of them may topple from your arms too. So, you kick it ahead of you and into the next room. Talk about kicking a book when it’s down. Never kick the Amazon Kindle.

Let people know your reading tastes

Real Books versus Kindle FireCredit: Tom Carver imageCoverage and recognition when on public transport. See someone, a stranger, on a bus, train or plane and notice immediately, from the book cover, that they are reading one of your favorite books. The distinctive cover is the give away, so start a conversation about the book in question. Not a Kindle feature, as it does not express who you are.

Catchy titles

When you are too lazy to cross the room you can throw a book to a friend quite easily. It matters not a jot if they catch it or drop it. They may decide that it is not to their taste and toss it back at you. Don’t try tossing the Kindle or Nook about the room (and never outdoors).

Book value for money

Reading groups and discussion groups buy just a single book that can be passed around among members. It is not necessary for them all to purchase it. The one book can be read numerous times by different people, thus protecting the environment and making us greener. New Kindle books do not allow you to distribute your paid for books to the other members of your club or association.

Book signing

Go to the store and find that the author is available to sign all their books for you. Stand in the queue and get your new book signed. It becomes a treasured keepsake. I did this once but did not want to damage the precious copy so I bought an unsigned version to read and kept the signed copy for posterity. Bah! Humbug, to electronic signatures and ebook readers (they can’t compete with the real thing).

Kindle Fire

On a cold winters night there is nothing better than a good book (0r perhaps some chocolate). If, however, you have several old, sad, or simply bad books you can make a lovely warm fire in the hearth to keep you cozy. Put a match to them and enjoy the warmth provided. Now, try that with a Kindle!

All about Kindle Fire

Give me a real book any day!

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