Bookcases are very useful pieces of furniture. You can install them in every room of your house, from living room and dining room to your bedrooms. Bookcases with doors are even more practical: you can store things inside without worrying that they will be covered with dust. Bookcases are very versatile pieces of furniture: you can store a lot of things there, from books to CD’s, decorative objects and toys.

 Bookcases With Doors – Wooden Or Glass Doors?

If you want to install some bookcases with doors into your home, you have to decide if you want transparent doors or not. Glass doors look great on bookcases, but only if you are an organized person and you are capable to keep your books and other belongings in perfect order. Bookcases with doors made of wood are more practical, because you don’t have to spend hours trying to arrange the books. Also, you can store in there all the papers you really need, but you can’t just put them where they can be seen, because they are just too messy.

The perfect solution is bookcases with doors made of both glass and wood. You can combine the two types of doors into an original, great looking bookcase.

Why Bookcases With Doors Are Better?

Bookcases are used o store your books and other belongings. Since you took the trouble to store them, it’s obvious they are important to you. The doors will protect your books and other stuff from dust, moist and other environmental factors that could damage them when picking a bookcase with doors, you have to make sure that the air is circulating inside the compartments. If the doors are too airtight, the books and the other objects will deteriorate.

 Where You Should Be Placing Bookcases With Doors?

 If you want to keep the books and the bookcase in a good shape for a long period of time, you need to ne careful about where you are placing it. First of all, you have to avoid putting it right next to any heating sources. Intense heat can damage the furniture and your books. You should never put a piece of furniture, especially not one where you are keeping books, under direct sun light. The heat and the powerful light from the sun will destroy all your precious books.  Install some shades to your windows and make sure that, during summer, you’re not allowing a lot of sunlight into the room. The moist and the steam from the air is also extremely damaging not only for the books, but also for the furniture itself. Install your bookcases with doors as far away as possible from the kitchen and from the bathroom. Also, you need to keep the room very well ventilated. If there is a lot of humidity in the air, funguses and molds can grow inside the books, especially if you don’t take them out very often. And, since a lot of people are allergic to them, or can become allergic if hey are exposed for a long time to funguses or molds, you really need to check the books from bookcases with doors regularly, to make sure they are in a good shape.

Pick Solid Bookcases With Doors

There is nothing more annoying than a piece of furniture with the doors falling apart. This is why its’ a great idea to check the doors, when you are buying bookcases. You should buy only bookcases with doors made of durable materials and strongly build. If the doors are made of glass, see if the hinges and the handles look solid and if they are easy to maneuver. When it comes about wooden doors, you also have to check the hinges and the handles, but also you need to see if they are closing properly. Wood is a natural material that changes in time, being deformed by humidity or temperature. This is why, sometimes, the wooden doors will make you problems, by refusing to remain closed. Before buying bookcases with doors made of wood, check every door, to be sure they close properly.

When it comes about maintaining bookcases with doors, it’s very important that, at least once every few months, to take all the books out. This way, you’ll be able to clean all the dust and to see if the bookcase or the books weren’t affected by humidity or other environmental factors.