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Go During the Week

When booking a hotel on the Las Vegas strip you can save considerably by simply booking from Sunday-Thursday. Many vacationers flock to Sin City for a weekend get away which means that the hotels are busier and receiving more bookings. Because the hotels can count on this business increase on the weekends, you will pay double or even triple what you would pay on a weekday.  Since almost everything on the Las Vegas strip is open 24/7 you will not have to sacrifice the Vegas experience to save money on your stay.  

Almost all the hotels on the strip have rate calendars that you can check before booking your stay. If you want to save even more money by staying during the week, check these out before you book. Depending on what is going on in the city at the time, the rates may fluctuate by up to $150 during the week so checking these calendars can also help you save a bit more. 

Check the Convention Calender

Different Las Vegas hotels host conventions throughout the year. During these conventions the amount of people expected to be staying on the strip goes up, as does the cost of the room. The Las Vegas convention calendar can be checked online, and should be checked before booking. The prices for hotel rooms on the strip will cost hundreds more a night during a large convention, especially if you make the unfortunate mistake of booking at the hotel the convention is being held at. 

The Las Vegas Convention Calender will not only tell you when and where the convention is being held, but also how many attendees. A convention with 100 attendees should not have a lot of effect on rates, however, a convention with 10,000 attendees will sky-rocket room costs. 

Look for Specials and Packages

This seems like an obvious way to save money, however, many people will skip this step. Almost all Vegas hotels will have deals or packages available on their website at some point. The best way to get the most out of online booking deals is to decide what days you would like to go a couple of months in advance, and after you have decided start checking out different strip hotels and what deals they have going on at the moment. If none of the hotels you would prefer to stay at have any deals going on at the time, wait. Waiting and checking the websites once or twice a week will almost alway show results since hotels run specials quite often. 

If you do not want to wait and continue checking the hotel websites, or if you just don't have enough time between now and your vacation, use a third-party website. Third-party websites often have some type of deal on Las Vegas hotel rooms. While the discount may not be as much as you would get from the resort itself it is still cheaper than paying full price! Another bonus of using a third-party website to book your hotel is that you can usually bundle hotel and flight and save money that way too!

Watch Out for Resort Fees

Las Vegas hotels often charge "resort fees." These fees are charged for things such as the complimentary news paper, the free fitness room, and sometimes wireless internet access. Usually these fees are not charged when booking the hotel so they do not factor in to your total hotel cost. Resort fees are an extra charge that you pay upon check in for all the "complimentary" amenities that you receive during your stay. Not all hotels on the strip charge resort fees, but if they do, the price can run from $9 a day to $25 a day. While this may not sound like a lot, it definitely adds up. Wireless internet access is only included in the resort fees at some hotels. This means that you may check into your hotel, pay $15 dollars a day for resort fees, and still have to pay extra a day for wireless internet access. 

While these fees are unavoidable if you wish to stay at a hotel that charges them, you can be sure you know exactly how much you are going to have to pay in resort fees when you get to Vegas. Usually when you are booking your stay it tells you about the resort fee in the fine print. If you can't find anything about it on the website the best thing to do is call the hotel directly and ask about any extra fees you will be charged upon check-in.