e-book readerIn a market were the two biggest boys around are trying to muscle each other out is looking to carve out a part of the pie. is raising the bar for e-book cloud apps. With you use the same app no matter what device you're on. Whether it be on Android, an iOS device, the Kindle 3, or a browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) the app is exactly the same.

Oh, and here's the real kicker, there's nothing to install. What enables to do this is the new web coding magic of HTML5. The cool thing about HTML5 is that it enables web-apps and data to be downloaded for offline use. What that means for users like you and I is that all you need to do to read your e-books anywhere is direct your browser, on your mobile device or computer, to and start reading.

After your first use of the app on each devices your books will be available for offline reading via your browser at Once you reconnect to the internet your data is synced with, keeping all of your devices on the same page (sorry, had to do it). Just bookmark for quick access to the app when ever you want to read.

On top of's great cloud features it also allows user to upload their own e-books, and not restricting you to using their market to acquire books, as Google and Amazon do. supports DRM-free ebooks, so you can upload books that you have bought from other sources. has all the features you'd expect to find in a top-notch e-book reader. Customization of the reading experience including font choice, day and night modes, margin adjustment, and line spacing.

You can easily get around your e-books with too. You can jump from chapter to chapter, to your own bookmarks, or to your farthest reading position. It also has a handy search feature so that you can always find the parts you want.

The only downside to is that because it runs in a browser (unless your browser is already open) it may take a little longer to open than other e-book reading apps.

If you're not married to one of the big boy's apps (Kindle by Amazon or Google Books) and like going to the cloud is worth giving a try.

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