Marketing of your online written articles, knowing where to advertise your links to increase traffic to your web site for search engine optimization or SEO is an extra step you must take. Below you will find proof in this experiment. StumbleUpon is second only to Facebook.

Stumble you will not fall

As an experiment, an InfoBarrel writer submitted to Stumbleupon three articles from fellow friend writers. With 10.6 million users, registered in 2001, Stumbleupon has gradually out-paced DIGG, Reddit, and

All articles were recently published and had less than 20 views.

The articles were of general interest, well-written, and interesting to the Stumbler:

home improvement

Not long after the Stumbled bookmarks were placed by the experimenting writer -

  1. "April Garden Jobs" had received 73 views.
  2. Review of Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf - 106 views
  3. "Tips for Storing Paint" - 139 views, note: it was late Sunday, all the DIYers were wondering how to close up the paint bucket, what a timely post.

Now, these page views may not be "read the whole article and buy the book" click-through views, but they were hits, and presumably increased earnings with Google Adsense on writers' InfoBarrel channel and will be on your other writing sites, as well, by a small margin.

Not only did they increase earnings, but the bookmarked URL to InfoBarrel ensured longevity for the piece, whatever longevity is in this constantly changing world.

Writers should bookmark their titles to market their titles on the Internet and increase their earnings. There are more bookmarking sites than one could list here.

This writer routinely bookmarks at Xomba, Stumble, Snipsly, recipes at Delicious, and Google bookmarks. Not claiming it's right or wrong, but it can't hurt your page views, and it will increase your earnings and your SEO with Google. This is NOT a referral, just advice, one writer to another.

It's easy, sign up, then start bookmarking your titles (URLs). Xomba and Snipsly pay Google Adsense revenue. Go to your Google Adsense account and register the channel, then enter the numbered account at each bookmarking site. With Snipsly, you can insert photos and embed your title in the photo and in the last few words of your bookmark, make a link to your article. If you post a photo with your bookmark, make sure you link it to your original article. Change the title on each bookmark with similar keywords that define your original keywords.

After you bookmark at Snipsly, Xomba, Reddit, Google, wherever, take each posted bookmark's URL and submit it to Yahoo, Google and Bing. It takes about 30 minutes to write and SEO your titles and this will complement your efforts enormously. The idea is to make a giant web with your article as the center. Each time someone searches for your keywords, your article will appear in search results under each bookmarking site most likely. So the first page of every search research in your article's category will be your article under one bookmark or another.

It's like the children's toy, "sit and spin," first you sit and write, publish, then you spin it!

Rest assured, after this piece is published, the first stop is StumbleUpon. Also, stumble your friends' favorites on StumbleUpon. You'll be entertained, educated to some degree, and also find new ideas for more articles. Every venue is another learning opportunity.
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resources: Interestingly, this stumbling colt is called "Bounce," photo from