Learn How to Repair Your Own Guitar

Looking for books about guitar repair? Many guitar players who are mechanically inclined want to do simple repairs to their instruments. Guitar repair can be tricky so it’s better to have a good book on repairing a guitar as a reference guide as a backup. While simple guitar repairs can be done at home it’s often better to take a guitar to a qualified guitar repair shop if the instrument is vintage or the repair requires more than a little work. These books about guitar repair should help you get started with guitar repairs at home.

Books About Guitar Repair: The Guitar Player Repair Guide by Dan Erlewine

Dan Erlewine is a respected guitar repairman and his book is full of great content for anyone looking to repair their own instrument. This step by step manual will help you maintain and repair electric guitars, acoustic instruments and bass guitars. You’ll learn the basics of setting up your instrument t so it plays better and how to keep it in top form with regular maintenance. The book ships with a DVD so you can follow along on your television. You’ll learn set up specifications from the top players and get coverage for guitar electronics too such as pickups. This new edition also includes more coverage for acoustic instruments.

The Guitar Player Repair Guide - 3rd
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Guitar Electronics Understanding Wiring and Diagrams by T.A. Swike

This book is for the guitar electronics junkie. You’ll learn how to wire a telecaster, Stratocaster, A Les Paul guitar and many more in this book. You’ll learn about the capacitors, switches, hot wires, ground wires, pickups, the output jack, and the bridge ground. You’ll learn how to wire with one, two, or three pickups. The book covers soldering kits and tips on how to do soldering properly. You’ll learn how to change the electronics of your guitar yourself and modify your instrument for a low cost. You will learn techniques of the pros for making your guitar sound better. Other topics include coil tapping, mega switching, mini toggle switching, and other important topics. Learn about the electronics of your guitar with this book and do the modifications yourself.

Mel Bay Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair by John LeVan

Take this guide and learn how to do your own guitar repairs with the help of photographs, diagrams, sketches and other information. You will learn how to clean your instrument, condition it, adjust the action, and properly intonate your guitar so it sounds the best that it can. You will learn how to hand-carve bone nuts and saddles for the bridge. Other topics include the basics of wiring and fretwork for your instrument. You will read a chapter on how to diagnose problems with your guitar. This book is essential for any beginner getting into guitar repairs or to use as a handy reference guide.

Books About GuitarRepair: Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar: Complete Instructions and Full-Size Plans by Jonathan Kinkead

 A good acoustic guitar is desired by many musicians but the cost of buying one is expensive. Building one yourself is not as difficult as you might imagine and this book will take you through the process of building your own acoustic guitar. With some patience and the right skills you can learn how to do it with the guidance of a master luthier. The book takes you through the construction of an acoustic guitar from the beginning from choosing the right woods to the basics of bracing, tonal qualities, and the size of the instrument. Each step of the process is done in full color with variations on the basic design so you can personalize your instrument. This book is perfect for those that already have some woodworking experience or just want to learn how to craft their own acoustic guitars.

Great Books About Guitar Repairs and Setup

These books should help you get started with guitar repairs.  I found the Guitar Player Repair Guide to be an excellent resource for beginners who want to do some basic repairs to their guitar. Just be careful doing repairs and if you don’t have a clue how to complete something be sure to take your guitar to a professional so you don’t wreck your valuable investment.