Books About Iron Maiden

Looking for books about Iron Maiden? One of my favorite bands of all time is Iron maiden. They have been making great music for decades. The twin guitars of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith along with the pounding bass of Steve Harris have led the way for this band.  Bruce Dickinson is one of the best metal singers of all time and the drumming of Nicko McBrain ties the whole package together. They have gone through several lineup changes but they still remain one of the best metal bands in existence.

Iron Maiden was formed in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris and have been making great metal and hard rock music ever since. In this article you’ll discover some of the great books you can read about Iron Maiden. You’ll find band history books and if you’re a guitar player, plenty of music and tablature transcription books to all their great metal songs.

Iron Maiden Band History Books

Formed in east London in 1975, Iron Maiden went on to become one of the most successful metal acts in history. With more than 85 million album sales to their credit the book Iron Maiden: The Ultimate Unauthorized History of the Beast is the first complete illustrated treatment of Iron Maiden. Journalists in this book write about the band’s history, analyze their recordings, stories behind the band’s formation, and tours. The book has more than 400 images, including live performance and candid other photographs. The book simple titled Iron Maiden by photographer Ross Haflin features his work throughout the bands career and includes a foreword by bassist Steve Harris. Ross talks about his own life and times with Iron maiden as a photographer too.  Run to the Hills: Iron Maiden: The Authorised Biography looks at their formation, rise to fame, the various line-ups, albums, concerts, disputes and other information about the band. You'll find plenty of photographs in the book as well.

 Bruce Dickinson by Joe Shooeman is the story of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson but his story outside of the band is remarkable too. He enjoyed stardom with the band Samson before joining Iron Maiden and he has had a successful solo career. He is part of the British fencing team, hosts his own radio show, is an author, and is also a commercial airline pilot. This book tells his story for the first time, through exclusive interviews with those who know him best.

Iron Maiden Tablature and Music Books

Iron Maiden Anthology (Guitar Recorded Versions) covers many of their popular songs such as Aces High, Flight of Icarus, Killers, No Prayer for the Dying, and Number Of The Beast.  You’ll find tablature books to the recent A Matter of Life and Death and The Final Frontier albums.  Some of their older tablature books can be found online on eBay and other places. Learn to Play Iron Maiden Guitar Techniques teaches you some of the best riffs and solos from one of the most successful and influential monsters of heavy metal.

One of the Best Metal Bands

Iron Maiden to me is one of the best metal bands of all time. There's a lot of books out there on this band that continues to generate music while other bands fade away. While Iron Maiden is reaching the twilight of their career, they probably have several more great albums in them before they call it a day and retire from making music. Books about Iron Maiden will continue to be produced long after these masters of metal retire.