While it is challenging to find a singular book that will earn you big money with an online auction, there are book series that, when sold together in lots, will sell on Ebay. People who love to read find an author or a book series and want to read and own them all. It is cheaper for the reader to buy them via an online auction than going to the bookstore and buy each title for full price.

While a person can borrow them from the library, there is no guarantee you will get the books you want in the order you wish to read them. Buying the book series on Ebay is the best way to get the whole collection.

Which Book Series are Popular on Ebay?

You can log into Ebay and do a “Completed Listings” search for book series and book lots. This may take time, but the effort is worth it. As you check the closed auctions, look for commonalities ones that ended high. What was the starting price? How many books were in the lot? What was the condition? How much feedback does the seller have? What time did the auction end and on what day?

Where to Find Book Series to Sell on Ebay

Finding complete book lots to sell does not happen all at once. Armed with the knowledge of what books to look for, you will have to go to yard sales, thrift stores and Friends of the Library Book Sales to begin your collections. Do not pay more than fifty cents per book, because more than that makes your profit margin to small to be bothered. The exception to this rule is if you have only one more book to complete the set and the one you need costs more. Of course, buy it!

You can buy multiples of the same book and keep them together where you store your auction items.

Another piece of advice is to go with your gut. If you are at a Friends of the Library Book sale, and you see a bunch of books by the same author that you are unfamiliar with, buy them. You may be pleasantly surprised that you found a winner!

How to Store and Keep Track of Your Book Series to Sell on Ebay

You will have to designate a space somewhere in your home for the book collections you plan on auctioning on Ebay. You must be able to get to them easily so you can photograph them and list the books. They need to be shelved correctly. If you are not careful, a book that was once in like new condition can be damaged. A damaged book will lower the ending price the entire lot should you list it. Or else it will send you on a search for a replacement.

You will want to keep track of the books you need to complete a set. Keep a spiral notebook with you and jot down the titles you need to finish the set. Then, when you are out searching for them, you will know exactly what to pick, instead of getting a fifth copy of the same title.

Books Series That Sell on Ebay

While these are by no means the only book series that fetch good price in an Ebay auction, these consistently sell time after time. Ending prices will vary according to the amount of books you are selling, the condition of the books, and the time of year you are selling them.

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Choose Your Own Adventure was one of the most popular books series of the 1980’s and 1990’s. The ending of the story differs according to the choices you make in the book. Older editions, which are harder to find, are valuable. There are a few hundred titles, so the larger your lot, the better price you should get.

Vintage Arch Bible Story Books

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Arch Christian Bible story books were popular. With simple language and illustrations, these helped children learn about the Bible. While they are still in print with modern covers, it is the vintage ones that sell in lots.

Wagons West Series

The Wagons West book series sells on Ebay. Written by Dana Fuller Ross in the 1980’s and 1990’s, readers follow the lives of the Holt Family through 24 books. Even harder to find are the ten books in the second series, The Holt Family Dynasty.

Dr. Seuss Hardcover Books

While the “Beginner Books” series with the Cat in the Hat logo does sell well in lots, the most potential money comes from selling only books written by Dr. Seuss or Theo LeSig.

I Can Read and Step Into Reading Books

For parents and teachers with emerging readers, it is very important to buy books that are exactly at their reading levels. There are several book series in print that address these needs at various levels, from Pre-Kindergarten to third grade. Large book lots of these titles are big sellers on Ebay, Best of all, they are typically only a quarter at yard sales and library book sales.

American Girl Library Book Series

There are literally dozens of titles in the American Girl Library series. They range on topics from advice, crafts, their changing body, and helping others. Bought at regular retail price, these book range from $6.95 to $14.95. You can buy them for a quarter or fifty cents and when sol in large lots, make a nice profit.

Serendipity Books Sell on Ebay

James Cosgrove and Robin James created this series of books in 1974 to teach children morals and values. Animals and fantasy creatures experience common childhood issues that gently send the message of right from wrong.

Little House on the Prairie

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books have been treasured by generations of children. Boxed sets of the books sell well on Ebay, as well as the blue bordered boxed set of from 1971 and the yellow covered set from the later 1970’s.

They are so well loved that modern authors recently created book series based on other members of Laura’s family. The Rose, Charlotte, and Martha books are now hard to find and sell for a nice profit on Ebay.

These are just a few of the book series that sell on Ebay. Look at home at your book collection and see if you can have something valuable!