Most new fathers could certainly use some helpful birthing and parenting books. It is common for parents to run out and buy (or borrow) all the 'new parent' books they can find, reading through page after page to be as prepared as they possibly can. I found that most books are geared primarily to mothers (understandable) with only some short blurbs for dad. There are a few great birthing books out there that dad will really benefit from reading (or at least skimming).

Husband-Coached Child Birth: The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth by: Robert Bradley, Marjie Hathaway, and James Hathaway

The phrase that stands out to most people in that title is 'natural childbirth'. Don't let that define the book for you. This text is definitely written from the natural childbirth perspective but there is some great information for expectant fathers. Even if your wife is having a planned C-Section or is planning on having an epidural, you will learn a lot about the entire birthing process here. I learned about so much that I never knew of from this book and I highly suggest it.

The Birth Book by: William and Martha Sears

What I like most about this book is that it lays out, in specific detail, the logistics of giving birth. After reading this book I knew more about what to expect at the hospital, who is (and can be) involved in most hospital births, possible intervention strategies to do with my wife, easing pain, and preventing pain. Whereas the Bradley book is written from a very clear perspective (of natural childbirth), The Birth Book is more of a reference guide.

The Baby Care Book by: Dr. Jeremy Friedman and Dr. Norman Saunders

If you have been perusing other birthing or childcare books, you will notice a lot of repeat information in this text. Still, it is an essential reference for new dads. The information contained is very basic and is supported by reputable research studies. I found the information provided on sleep to be the most valuable and useful. Instead of outlining a trademark strategy or method, the authors simply cite research and very basic, common problems and solutions for helping to manage your baby's sleep patterns.

Other Parents

When you or your partner are expecting a new child, friends and family love to discuss it. Parents and grandparents often have a wealth of parenting advice that they are eager to share. I learned a lot by simply asking, "Do you have any advice for a soon-to-be parent?" All of the people I asked this question were eager to give advice ranging from feeding to behavior management and sleep schedules. The advice of a trusted friend or family member is invaluable for a new father.

Parents have many months to prepare for a baby, but not a lot of time for reading. If you are interested in using books to prepare you for childbirth and childcare, I recommend these. The books outlined above will go a long way in helping prepare new dads for childbirth and childcare.

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Credit: Luoisa Stokes