Looking for books on music production?  Producing good quality music whether at home on a PC or in a live studio is a craft that takes years of practice. Good studio producers are sought after by all the top bands and you can make a great deal of money in this profession if you are good.

With the rise of powerful computers, the everyday musician can do music producing at home and get some fantastic results just by using a computer and some digital equipment. In this article we’ll examine some great books you can use to learn all about music production and put it to work in your musical career.

The Art of Music Production (by Richard James Burgess)

The book The Art of Music Production was written by Richard James Burgess. This third edition of the book is Richards work after nearly forty years in the music business recording, producing, and playing on many gold and platinum albums. If you seek a career in music production, this is one book you'll want to pick up. He covers the various styles of record production which is backed by quotes from many of the world's top record producers. He provides the insight a new producer needs to get into the business with this practical guide for beginners. There’s enough information in the book to get your started with this challenging yet immensely rewarding career.

The Beginner's Guide to Computer-Based Music Production (by Zack Price)

This book shows you the easy way to record tracks on your computer, create CDs, and MIDI files. This book makes this process easy for the beginner even if you know nothing about computer based production before you start reading the book. The book helps you pick the right setup to get the recording done with simple easy to follow instructions. This book is designed for beginners in mind who want to start making music with their computer. It provides information on choosing the right computer, MIDI interface, hardware, and the software setup.

How to Be a Record Producer in the Digital Era (by Megan Perry and Ron Fair)

This guide will help anyone who seeks to become a record producer. This book shows you what it takes to become a record producer in this competitive field of work. The author provides you with the full inside story to this profession. It teaches you how to develop your skills, building your client base, managing your business, and it all comes straight from industry insiders. You'll get tips on negotiating with record labels, artists, managers and more. This book is the full package for those interested in this business.

Big Studio Secrets for Home Recording and Production (by Joe Dochtermann)

This book gives you the technical knowledge you need to make fantastic solid musical recordings. The book provides a range of tips and various tricks that will help your recordings rise above the others. It shows you that many famous songs were made on simple gear and that with a little works you can be producing quality sounds like these with your own work. You'll gain ideas from classic recordings in the book while understanding modern techniques too. You'll learn about microphones and the techniques for using them along with how acoustics affect recordings. You'll gain knowledge on how to improve your studio even if you have a small budget along with how to use your recording equipment to its fullest potential. The book comes with a companion CD that gives you a hand-on approach to the concepts in the book.

Great Books on Music Production

This is a small sample of some of the great books you can buy on the art of music production. In the age of the Internet many producers start at home before beginning a career in music production. Once you get the hang of it you'll see just how musch fun it is to produce your own music. If you practice hard you'll gain the tools needed to produce music for other people and become tops in the music production profession.