Cartoon Network has always been honored since 1992. During that time Cartoon Network had the classic cartoons that any child would love. The cartoons viewed today is no where similar to the old classic cartoons we used to love. The cartoons they use today is not directed to younger audiences. To be quite honest, the cartoons gotten worse than they actually could be. The cartoons are humorless, disturbing, and plain garbage now. Modern kids today do not have a problem with these cartoons.

    Even though this is the sad reality of Cartoon Network, Boomerang still gives us the opportunity to watch shows from the 90's. Boomerang came just in time before modern shows took over. Here are 10 favorite classic shows that used to be on Cartoon Network:


1. The Flintstonesthe flintstonesFred Flintsone is the main character of this show. He takes role of being the husband and dad of the Flintstone family. Fred goes through life everyday going to work and supporting his family. He also enjoys life with his next door neighbors. What makes life extra hard for Fred is dealing with the anger issues his boss has everyday. The story of the show may sound typical and boring, but the creators of the show made sure a bit of comedy is in every scene! The setting of the show takes place in the Stone Age town of Bed Rock. Dinosaurs, mammoths, and other prehistoric animals are included in the show to give it more of a Stone Age setting.


2. Dexter's Laboratory-dextar labortory Dexter, a young little boy, has a huge secret laboratory filled with inventions. Each invention is different, but causes the same amount of destruction to the world! It is a really fun show because each episode is never boring. If it was not for his destructive sister, DeeDee, and his parents there would be no point of the show, because they cause all the problems! DeeDee loves exploring and breaking everything in Dexter's lab. It really makes the show entertaining!


3. A Pup Named Scooby Doo- This show gives you the opportunity to see how the Scooby Doo gang solve mysteries when they were younger. The cartoon is vivid and much more entertaining than the original Scooby Doo show. The gang's mission is to solve spooky mysteries that later shows them finding who the bad guy is. Do not worry, Scooby Doo will always save the day!


4. The Jetsons- The Jetsons is a future based cartoon opposite from the Flintstones. The Jetsons may have the same family, neighbors, and mean boss situations, but it is way different with the Flintstones. In the year of 2062, the futuristic utopia consists of robots, aliens, and holograms. The Jetsons is a good show to view how the future may be and it is very humorous!


                                   5. Johnny Bravo-johnny bravo The character Johnny Bravo is kind of a weird copy of the famous Elvis Presley. He has the voice of Elvis, but he also has big muscles and a tall blonde hairstyle included. If I can describe Johnny with one word, it would be the word "jerk". He always has a way of scaring the ladies off when he flirts! Johnny goes through many hard times, including that time when his body shrank without his head. He had a very hard time lifting his head off the ground because of how big it was! Johnny Bravo is an awesome cartoon because of all the comedy and work put into it.


6. Looney Tunes- Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and many other characters are shown throughout this cartoon. If you love these characters, then you will definitely love this cartoon! Music and Comedy are included in this show and it will really keep you entertained!


7. Pinky and The Brain-  This cartoon is about two lab mice going on adventures in apinky and the brain laboratory. Pinky and Brain are the names of the two main characters in the show. Pinky is somewhat the slow lab mouse that gets into a lot of trouble. Brain is the mouse that has all the smarts, and he has a big head to prove it all! Pinky and Brain are a great team when it comes to hard situations. When either one of them are in trouble, the other mouse will sacrifice anything to save the day. That is what I call good friends! But do not let any of that fool you, Pinky and Brain can also be pretty evil too!


8. Tom and Jerry- tom and jerryMany people know that a mouse and a cat cannot get along. Tom and Jerry are a big example of this. Tom is the cat, and Jerry is the mouse. The show is pretty funny throughout every episode. There are new adventures everyday, new tricks, and lots of harmless violence! Tom and Jerry are the only characters that do not talk in the show, but they show a lot of communication by chasing one another everyday. Jerry is cute and clever enough always to ruin Toms plan of eating him. This cartoon will always be simple and amazing to watch!


9. The Powerpuff Girls- Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are the Powerpuff Girls. They were created with special ingredients to help them gain super powers. Their creator, the scientist, is now the Powerpuff Girls father. Townsville, the girls birthplace, is always invaded with mass destructive monsters. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are always there to save the town. The show is very cute, and full of comedy!

10. The Smurfs- If you like the color blue, then this cartoon is for you! The Smurfs are small little blue people that go through life everyday being happy and helping one another. Sadly this is always ruined by a human that want's to kidnap the smurfs. I never knew what he wanted from the smurfs, but all I know is that it made the show entertaining!