Although we are 4 months in to 2011, it isn't too late to take a look into the business world in order to explore and present global blooming industries. If you haven't gotten involved in them quite yet, you may want to jump into the action right now.

So lets dive right into it:

By the expression “Green-Businesses”, I of course mean any business that deals with Ecology awareness and taking care of our environment. It seems today that everywhere we go, we can bump into Eco-Friendly campaigns, actions and companies.

Today, “greener” is “better”. Companies that want to attract the public’s attention will, among other things, emphasize it's environment-friendly actions and aspects. People today are very attentive when it come to our planet and do look for non-contaminating products and companies. The businesses have learned that if you’re doing good for the environment, consumers want to do good by you.

We are today seeing more and more businesses that offer “how to become greener” services and assistance to factories and plants that pollute to some extension. In addition, you can find today a wide variety of organic products such as food, diapers, clothing and footwear, cosmetic products and more.

The green-business world, shows no signs of slowing down or fading, if anything it is just at the beginning. According to a recent study released in 2008, the U.S. economy could generate 4.2 million new green jobs in the next 30 years.

The Medical Tourism Industry

Sick patients traveling across national borders in order to undergo major surgery? Yes. In a new world that the internet has made substantially smaller, this is a common solution for various problems in the western medical world.

Patients with insufficient medical insurance plans or patients with no insurance at all are the first candidates to look for cheaper medical treatments abroad. Long waiting lists for necessary surgery are another reason that more and more patients are traveling to other countries for medical treatments.

Countries that saw this potential invested in the health sector to bring the medical facilities up to par with American hospitals and offer the same level treatments for half the price. Mexico, India, Thailand, Panama, Costa Rica and even Israel are just some of today's popular medical tourism destinations around the globe.

This industry supports the medical centers, all companies related to the tourism industry and medical tourism facilitators. As no real solutions are proposed for the western medical problems, medical tourism is here so stay.

Here is a list of some medical centers in India that offer Medical tourism Services: Hospitals in India

The Nursing Home Industry

You may be surprised to see this industry here, but I promised booming industries and this is one of them. As the baby-boomer generation is currently turning 60, the number of senior citizens is expected to grow substantially. And Along with the quick rise of elderly citizens comes the need for retirement homes.

As the retirement home are expected to expand rapidly, so will the number of available staffing jobs to take care of the older generation. The types of jobs that will become available are very divers and include: registered nurses, licensed caregivers, different types of therapists (physical, occupational and speech), pharmacists, different kind of physicians and physician's assistants. This of course in addition to administrative positions that include receptionists, accounting, managerial and maintenance.

Given, this isn't the most glamorous industry to be involved in, but extremely important and necessary. Care taking is a job done with a sense of mission, and the industry is in need for people with this sense of calling.


Yes, power. As trivial as this may seem and although it collides with the “Green industry” trend, power is a needed resource. As the world is developing in rapid speed, the need for energy is increasing as well. As a result of this reality, power producers are expected to increase the energy supply followed of course by their sales figures.

As this is a hard business to “break into”, it may be to late to just get in on the action. You don't just get to open a power plant anywhere you want. However, this may be a great business to invest in. I am no stock expert, but based on past performances, investors can expect a return of 8-15% from major power stocks. This kind of return may take a while and investors will need to have patience as power plants are a capital intensive business.

Anyhow, as the third world keeps developing and more advanced countries are always moving forward, more power generating facilities will be needed in order for energy not to become a scarce commodity.

Although we are 4 months into 2011, it is safe to say that these industries will keep growing well into 2012 as well. It isn't to late to hop on the bandwagon.