Boost Business Sales during the Holidays

Boost Business Sales during the Holidays

Small business owners are always looking for ways to increase their sales and one of the best times of the year to get that added boost that will keep your business profitable is during the holidays. If your business sales have been low and you need to boost sales be assured that there are things you can do but, you need to start early, you need to get creative, use your imagination and you WILL boost business sales during the holidays.

Read on for tips on what you can do early to get the most benefit to your business over the holidays while helping your customers and you won't need to pay a consultant to show you how to market your business.

Get in the game early.

More and more businesses start enticing customers into their shops earlier and earlier each year. Take advantage of the trends and get in the game. If you aren't offering discounts and sales for your customers, they will go elsewhere to find the best bargains. Don't lose new or current customers just because you waited too long to realize that they want sales and the best values.

Ways to Boost Business Sales during the Holidays:

Think like a customer. What would you like if you shopped at your business during the holidays? That will help you recognize the best ways to improve your traffic and get customers to shop with you instead of your competitors.

Pay attention to the calendar and plan ahead to offer sales or promotions during the weekends and throughout all the end of summer holidays and holidays into autumn.

Offer customers the best discount you can reasonably afford without taking a loss. The point of your discount is to improve volume and by offering a percentage off, you'll bring in more business and boost sales.

Consider buy one get one deals for customers or offer free shipping as a bonus.

Sell holiday gift certificates and offer a complimentary small 'bonus' gift certificate if your customer spends a certain amount. That will get the immediate sale and bring your customer or their friend in for a return visit with their free gift certificate.

Plan a holiday open house or other holiday party for your customers. Offer special discounts for the day of the event as well as a discount certificate for a return visit. Make it a fun, exciting event with inexpensive decorations, balloons and add complimentary herbal tea or apple cider and small snacks. Get to know your customers and build relationships!

Create beautifully packaged gift baskets for your products that are ready for customers to purchase, provide an easy way for customers to shop, eliminate the need for them to wrap the gifts and showcase some of your best items.

Offer FREE gift wrapping if customers spend a certain amount in your shop. Keep the amount they need to spend reasonable to encourage customers to shop with you. Gift wrapping is time consuming for customers when they have many people to buy for and many items of their gift giving list. Free gift wrapping is a nice incentive for customers to buy from you and will help you to boost business sales during the holidays.

Host a 'Customer Appreciation Day' before the holidays and invite your current best customers to attend. Make it a party to thank your customers for doing business with you during the past year. Offer wine and cheese, or cocktails and snacks or even a dessert party is a simple way for you to show your appreciation. Customers sometimes feel unappreciated but you can be the one to tell and show your customers that you DO appreciate them. They will be more likely to continue all future business transactions with you and you'll receive a loyal following. They'll also tell their friends and referrals will help you grow your business by simple, free word of mouth advertising.

Marketing to Boost Business Sales during the Holidays

How do you advertise all these sales and discounts you'll be offering customers without spending your profits?

Flyers – create flyers yourself on your own computer and printing on your personal printer to save big costs. Start passing out your flyer with your promotional holiday sales early since customers start their holiday shopping early. Hang flyers in your windows, ask a neighboring business if they will post your flyer and you could post theirs. Do this with other businesses that won't be competing with you.

Business Cards – create business cards for everyone on your staff and encourage them to assist your marketing efforts with everyone they know or meet. You could use the back of the card for a short announcement of one or more of your upcoming holiday events. Offer your staff a bonus or gift for bringing in the most customers for a particular holiday event. You'll be able to track which staff member brings in the most customers if they are asked to tell customers to bring the card in for a prize.

Website – most businesses have their own website and this is a great way for you to announce your upcoming holiday events. Start telling customers early on that you have special offerings or discounts and events listed on your website. Make sure to give them your business card with your website address.

Blogging – if you blog on the internet make sure to keep your customers and followers aware of the sales, discounts, promotions or parties you'll be hosting for the holidays. Keep your blog updated or customers may think you're no longer in business.

Free Advertising – look online for places that offer 'free business listing'. Google has one, is another or and there are many more. Do a little homework to find free ways to advertise your business.

Increase Open Hours during the Holidays - many shops increase their store hours to accomodate the customer's schedule. Open earlier or stay open longer to boost sales.

Host a Fundraiser – Set up a meeting with your favorite charity or one that corresponds well with what you do in business and host a fundraiser. It is a perfect way for you to help the community as well as to bring new people to see your business and what you do. Send a press release to the newspaper, local tv stations and radio stations of the upcoming event. Often, they will do a story or announcement on the upcoming fundraiser and you may even get the cameras to come to your business.

These are just some of the ways that can help you boost business sales during the holidays. When you do more of the work instead of outsourcing it, you can boost holiday sales without spending much money. Be creative, use your imagination and think of other ways to help your bottom line while offering the best deals and discounts for your customers. Best wishes to you and your business!

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