Some days, lets face it; we all can use a confidence boost. We all have those days where we are just feeling down and nothing seems to go right. But time is a valuable thing and life is short. We need to turn out temporary depression around into positive actions to restore our confidence. It will have a snowball effect in which small positive actions turn into larger actions. Here are some ways to boost your confidence now, letting you live a fuller, happier life!

Take On Small Challenges – For example, if you like to run, why don't you try and run a 1/4 mile farther or even more. If your not the usual handyman around the house try and fix that broken shower head, or stain the back deck. You will feel a sense of accomplishment that you have all the tools you need upstairs to get the job done. It is more of a mental thing than physical and your confidence will be restored.

Support and Give – think of how good you feel after you give a gift to someone. They always say it is better to give than receive and I find this statement very true. If you catch a baseball at a baseball game, give it to the little kid in front of you. What are you going to do with it anyways? Unless it was a homerun record breaker or Stephen Strausburg first ball knocked out the park (I still think that fan could of made a lot of money of that ball). Giving back boosts confidence because you see how your actions affect others. You can also give back to the community by volunteering in community service or do a Walk for a Cure for diabetes, breast cancer, alzheimers, etc. This boosts your confidence by having you focus outside your own needs and realize others need help too.


Relive the Past Glory – It is just fine to live in the past at times. Think of the time you won the conference championship in sports or a presentation you gave at work that blew away the workplace and/or your boss. Now that is a confidence boost. Just don't daydream too long!

Start your Own Business – being independent and having the success of your own business fall on your own shoulders can boost your confidence if you are doing well. The feeling of being self-reliant, dependable, and accountable will be in direct correlation with your success and therefore boost your confidence.

Always Strive for Better – do not put a threshold on your own potential. Just because people tell you that you are doing great does not mean to stop there. Go to be the best!