Prepaid cell phone plans are looking more attractive every day for consumers who desire more services for less money, according to Consumer Reports newest issue. Many new plans are charging less than $50 per month for unlimited voice and text messaging service from smaller carriers such as Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile 'Monthly Unlimited' offers flat-rate, nationwide mobile phone service in 17,500 cities throughout the United States on the Nextel National Network - with no additional telecom taxes, activation, roaming, traveling or long distance fees. A subsidiary of Overland Park, Kansas based Sprint, Boost added nearly 800,000 new subscribers in the second quarter, or over 1.3 million during the first half of the year.

Boost has also just announced that it will now be selling Boost Mobile Re-Boost Cards in many of the Barnes & Noble college bookstores located around the country. Boost Mobile is currently the only cellular provider sold in Barnes & Noble campus bookstores. For most college students stocking up on back-to-school essentials, mobile phones are one of the most important items. And having easy access to wireless products and services is more of a necessity than a convenience.

Currently serving over 4 million students, over 500 of the 700 stores Barnes and Noble will be offering the service.

Prepaid phone services, which do not require a credit check or contracts, are aimed toward value customers, or those customers who have questionable credit. Because of this situation wireless operators usually only offer basic, inexpensive phones to these users, because operators don't subsidize the cost of the phones.

Experts had thought that consumers wouldn't be willing to spend a premium on advanced mobile devices marketed for a service that could be cancelled at any time. But now, as consumers tighten spending habits and seek out ways to reduce their monthly bills, they are becoming more interested in today's prepaid and no-contract services.

Boost Mobile users will now be happy to learn they will finally have a QWERTY option.

The Motorola i465 Clutch is now available to the public with a retail selling price of $129.99.
Featuring Push to Talk / Walkie Talkie, threaded SMS and MMS, POP3 email support, Bluetooth, VGA camera and a QWERTY keypad it has already been tagged as the hot item by Boost customers in search of a real messaging option.

It will be interesting to see the consumer demand for the new device from Boost. T-Mobile has recently confessed that its demand for prepaid service is growing stronger. It will be worth watching to see if other wireless operators follow Boost's lead to offer more even more higher-end mobile phones for their prepaid services.