Boost Mobile is one of the most recognized prepaid service providers based in California. Their key selling features include a wide array of downloads, less expensive web browsing and contents that are sure to cater to the hip and young generation.

Boost mobile sim card offers service not usually available in other prepaid services which make it accessible to different types of audiences. Part of the main attraction to potential customers of Boost Mobile is the many features that allow different people to find the one that best suits them.

They pride themselves with the Pay-as-you-Go-Plan that offers service at 10 cents for every minute for a day. This plan also enables the user to have unlimited calls for 35 cents per day. And aside from having the Basic Plan, Boost Mobile also offers a Premium Prepaid Plan that gives the user more minutes and text messaging available in different service packages.

There are a lot of appealing additional features available at lower rates than the competition. One of the more popular features is their Chat Plan that includes other downloads for the younger market. They also offer cheaper rates for international text messages and they give the same rates when you call other service providers like Sprint and Nextel.

However, the boost mobile sim card premium plans do not offer much variation. The company has only three premium monthly plans for the customers to choose from: $30, $50 and $60. Apart from this, Boost mobile doesn't give out refurbished phone units for free to its subscribers.

All of these subscriber plans have available web access for 35 cents per day. This allows unlimited usage of this feature. People who rely on getting information on the internet will definitely see this feature as a bonus.

However, for those who do not rely on internet browsing that much, it would just be one of the many unused tools that they need to pay for, because whether or not they access the internet, 35 cents is still deducted from the funds of the subscriber.

The customer then has to call the company’s Customer Support hotline to deactivate this service if they want to avoid the said charges. If you are encountering any problems or service issues with your new boost mobile sim card, then you may dial a toll-free hotline to report your concerns. You may also contact their Customer Support through email and you may expect a response within 1 to 2 business days.