To boost your Examiner earnings you need to start writing a bunch of new content for Examiner. It does not matter whether you have a local or National Examiner position or what your Examiner topic is. If you are a writer for Examiner and want to increase your earnings here are some techniques.

3/day for 3/months

Write and average of 3 articles per day for 3 months. At the end of the 3 months you will have additional 270 or so articles. Writing 270 articles for Examiner is not hard. Many of your so called articles will be extremely short and easy to write.

Each time you write an article and properly hyperlink it to other articles you have written then your pageviews will increase across the board as will your Examiner earnings.

Hyperlink Hyperlink Hyperlink

Hyperlink a lot of the phrases in your articles and link them to related articles you have written on Examiner. Instead of hyperlinking "camping" hyperlink a large chunk of the phrase such as "camping In Bear Country.

If you hyperlink a lot of phrases and link them to your other Examiner content then your pageviews will increase. If your hyperlinks are honest such as an article on camping in Bear country when they click on "camping In Bear Country" then you will get more pageviews and have a better chance of repeat visitors.


Make sure you embed an image into each article you write.

Picture Galleries

If you can put together a handful of interesting picture galleries for many of your articles then your pageviews as well as your earnings could sky rocket to an all time personal high.

Google News

Do not write simply to get your articles in Google News but it is nice to have some of your article sin Google News. By writing on current topics that will allow your examiner content to get picked up you can potentially receive thousands of pageviews with the right content and in turn many of these new visitors will click on one of the hyperlinked phrases.

Niche Twitter

Set up a Twitter account and only post links and news elated to your Examiner Topic. If you are the wood carving with a chainsaw Examiner then use your new Twitter account to build a following of people who are interested in carvi9ng wood with chainsaws. You may not build up the largest number of followers with this niche method but the followers you do build up will be more loyal and interested in the subject and will be more apt to click onto your Examiner articles and follow you on Examiner on a regular basis.


You need to consistently add new content to Examiner. Even after your initial 3 month push at 3 per day you will still want to add as much content as possible. Even if you can only add3-5 new articles per week it will drastically help your earnings across the board,


Writing for Examiner can be very lucrative but in the beginning pageviews may be very slim. If you submit a lot of new content that is both useful and or interesting you can generate some followers and begin to earn some great money by being a writer for Infobarrel.