How high Google rates your site, will affect how high it ranks in search results. If you want to rank highly you need to have good SEO and some good quality backlinks.

The following are some simple tips aimed at helping you improve your Google page rank.

Google Submissions

The first step is to submit your site to Google so it can index it, sounds obvious right? well not everybody does this.

Directory Submissions

The first move to take in order to get some high quality backlinks is to submit your site to numerous link directories. You should aim to submit it to at least 10. Bear in mind that for immediate indexing you need to pay a fee to these link directories, so if you don't want to pay the money expect to wait a number of months before they get round to indexing your site.

Using Article Marketing

Article marketing is a good way to get some good backlinks set up for your sites. Just remember to add the link to your site at the bottom of each article and submit several articles each day to different directories. When you first start out you should try to submit a new article to 5 directories every day. In no time at all you will have a large amount of articles circulating.

Keep each article to a nice length, try not to write more than 600 words, make sure you get all the information you want into each article but don't go on for too long. It is proven that you get the best chance of people reading your article when you keep them short, concise and separated into easy to digest bullet points.


Taking advantage of the new popularity of blogs is a good strategy, comment on blogs and make your own blog, always include the link to your site at the bottom of each comment. You have to stay on top of your blog to make this a viable strategy, keep it updated with interesting info.


Forums should be used in much the same way as blogs, take the chance to talk with people and add your knowledge to interesting conversations. You want to be a member of at least 6 forums for any given niche and keep posting on each forum regularly. A good benchmark is posting 4 times on each every week at the very least. Take advantage of the signature option on each forum and keep your link inside yours. Look at your forum attendance as a chance to network, get to know people and create backlinks, only once you have a forum presence and are involved in the community do you wish to try and get your product or service out there.