Are you striving to increase the traffic your website or blog? Find out seven of the best ways to do it:
 # 1 Search Engines – SEO
Most people agree that the No 1 traffic source is search engines. In order to attract this kind of traffic, your main concern should be to optimize your site (SEO-Search Engine Optimisation), use the right keywords, update regularly and build up quality backlinks from related sites (check below to see how). Over time, these optimizations will improve your page rank and bring in lots of visitors. Be patient though.
#2 Advertise Your Website or Blog
Use the advertising options of Google, Yahoo etc to bring in huge traffic quickly and effectively. You have the choice between PPC (pay per click) or PPM( pay per mille) ads, however you should closely monitor your spending costs. Although this is a fast way to increas traffic, it is easy to go off your budget.
#3 Make Your Website/Blog Interesting
Making your website interesting is a way to bring more visitors and keep the existing ones. Try to have a nice site design, easy navigation and don't overdo it with the ads. Fill it with rich and interesting content and update it regularly. You could also use automated sites that enable easy navigation and have been designed by professionals. Another great idea is to make contests, offer free subscriptions and other freebies to keep the interest of your visitors alive.
#4 Spread the Word on Your Own
Spread the word by participating in popular forums such as Yahoo Answers, Sitepoint Forums etc. and remember to include your link in your signature. Provide useful information and your participation will be much apreciated. Be careful not to post your links where they are unwelcome or you will be considered a spammer. Send emails to people you are personally acquainted with and submit your url to several directories.
#5 Social Networks and Video Sites
Social networks are valuable tools. Use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedln, Orkut, blogcatalog etc. to promote your site. Build up a big network of thousands of friends and post regularly to attract attention and keep their interest. There are available tools and software that can help you exploit these possibilities, saving you a lot of time and work. Youtube is another way to direct traffic to your website, if you upload quality videos and use your links in the video description.
#6 Article Marketing
Writing quality articles is another effective way to attract visitors. Make sure to choose a related topic to your website and then submit your article to several article directories. These directories allow webmasters to syndicate it (or copy it to their sites), including your signature. This is a effective way to distribute it all over the web.
#7 Newsletters
Sending out newsletters or massive emails to your customers or visitors is a long term source of traffic, but it isn't available right away. Building a big contact list demands effort and time. However, the benefits are huge since you will be able maintain the current traffic easily and have time to concentrate on bringing new one.