Effectiveness using your smartphone

Whether you are working hard on your job or your own business. Or just have a lot of things 
to do at home, having a smartphone is a good tool for remembering ideas, making to-do lists or
even shopping lists.

There are a ton of different Apps you can use whenever inspiration strikes. The problem with inspiration is that it can strike whenever and if you don't remember to write down your thoughts, these great ideas will often disappear. So instead of running around with the note book all the time,  we now have the possibility to create the foundation for our ideas wherever we are...as long as we remember the smartphone:-)

I have 3 apps I use on my Iphone frequently.


This App with the french sounding name is a very simple to do list. The list is a calender where you can add what need's to be done on the different days. The great thing about this, is that if you ad something you need to do on tuesday and you don't do it and thereby don't delete it, the task will automatically be transfered to the following day.  If you have something that needs to be done someday, you can put it under a list called someday. Plain and simple.


Springpad is a bit more advanced. Here you are able to add a notes, check lists, books you need to read, movies and music albums you want to buy. Furthermore you can take a picture to ad to your notes. So if you have a bigger task, springpad is a bit more effective.


Mindmaps are a great way to boost your effectivity. If you fx want to write an e-book, Mindmeister can help you break down the task in steps you need to follow. This way you can create every chapter and link them together in the right order. You can chose to link the tasks after each other or link it to the parent task. This gives you the overview you need to write the e-book much faster and ad new task whenver inspiration strikes.

After having these apps for a while, one can easy forget to use them, so remember to check up on them once in a while. You never know if you've added something interesting you forgot.

If you have some interesting or creative apps you like to use, please leave a comment.