Are you tired of feeling dejected every time you fail in doing something? Ever wonder what’s your worth? Try looking into the mirror of your self and discover how important it is to increase your self-esteem for that fantastic role performance awaiting you in the near future.

As we may already know, self-esteem is the rate of respect and regard that us individuals have for ourselves.  It is also the degree of worth we carry to places alongside our judgments, perceptions and abilities. It is generally developed since our very first baby steps, literally.

It is often an issue in our time that people with low self-esteem resulted from poor positive reinforcement and lack of support during childhood. Definitely this is true since most specialists indicate that self-esteem building gets most of its part from present surroundings and encountered scenarios. According to Maslow, a specialist on self-actualization theory, a person must be successful in having a highly positive self-esteem before they can self-actualize. The matter of self-esteem is constituted of the respect earned from others and respect earned from one’s self. Such include acceptance, dignity, status, appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, self-worth, self-love and self-confidence. Most of the time these needs are not met and thus predisposing the person into discouragement, weakness and inferiority.

 We must now be able to determine measures to promote and boost our self-esteem, giving us that high advantage on performing our daily tasks and roles:

  1. Gather success opportunities – One must remember to be always dynamic. Don’t just stand and watch. Always act and see. Take what is given to you, as one might say: If life gives you lemons, make a lemonade factory.
  2. Fortify own defences – This does not mean you should learn some self-defence techniques. It simply means that one should be able to stand for himself when a certain threatening situation is presented. The only time to give-up is never. Always act with assertion.
  3. Aspire! – Never stop being ambitious. Always think that what you’re doing is worth the wait. Every big things start with small steps. In short, put your best effort in everything you do.
  4. Formulate own ideals – It is not bad to have your very own dream. You may follow the footsteps of some successful people but always remember that you are you.

Since you are able to set your limits, now it is time to reach that horizon you are striving to achieve. Never be afraid to look back also since there may be a lot of things you’ve learned that can be applied to your present situation. In the end, you might be the one being followed already by others!