We would do anything to keep our families healthy, and that includes our beloved pets as well. Good nutrition is key not only for us but for our furry best friends as well. In this day and age of concerns over nutritional value of foods, and the occasional toxic food scare, focusing in on what makes food healthy is key.

Is your dog healthy?

Chances are most of us are disconnected to what health means in an animal. He eats,  plays, snuggles, but what is really going on inside the body of our best friend.  

Commercial dog food

In an age of mass manufacture and mass marketing its hard to get a grasp on what is healthy dog food really is. Aside from buying hand made dog food from the extremely expensive lady at the farmers market, what is an average budgeter to do in order to guard against the toxic mess assaulting the pet food industry?


Supplementation is a great word, in this case it means adding to rovers food. If you have a decent but not so great dog food you have been using and have become concerned about your dogs health and longevity, try supplementation. I add a product called Green Vibrance to my dogs food, I know for a fact its good, they get a boost of vitamin and minerals and I can rest easy that my buying habits will not the culprit of their demise. 

Healthy oils

Pressed dry dog food is just that, dry. Try adding some healthy oil, it will help their coat and their taste buts will enjoy it. Oils have the added benefit of lubricating  joints if they are a larger dog breed with joint issues. Try safflower oil its packed with vitamin E for Rovers beautiful coat.

Skip take out

To make things easy when I cook for rover I always have these staple in the pantry: Brown rice, carrots, broccoli, healthy oils, spinach, lean meats.

No time? Rachael Ray has to go meals that I use when the schedule just doesn't allow me to cook for all of us. I feel alright knowing that the product is real meat with no chemicals or byproducts.


Weather you a have a new puppy or your dog is facing their senior years, homemade meals can help their quality and quantity of life. When my late dog Pixie was towards the end I stole time from the reaper by making her homemade meals. She was so happy to sit in the kitchen and watch me cook, its some of my best memories with her, and I want to believe it was her best memories as well. Sometimes slowing down our busy lives and taking time to make healthy love filled home cooked means for ourselves our children and our beloved pets make all the difference.


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