Stores like and Steve Madden are great places to shop for combat boots. Traditionally combat boots were designed for soldiers in live combat or for combat training. Combat boots are now a popular fashion item as well. They are built with an emphasis on being sturdy, so you don't need much more than the boots themselves for stability. Combat books also provide protection for rough environments. However, combat boots can also provide function and stylish footwear.

How to Wear Combat Boots

  • Put your socks on and pull them over your ankle to the right height.
  • Loosen the shoestrings on the boots, and put your feet inside them. Make sure that your feet have enough room.
  • Pull up the laces nearest the toes on each foot so as to tighten the bottom of the boot. Then, keep on pulling each lace, moving further up the foot. Tighten the boot, but allow the laces to get looser the higher up your ankle you go.
  • Pull on the boot "tongue" as you start to tie the knot. Pull the laces tightly and then tie a bow knot on each boot. You should double the knots until the shoestrings do not lie on the floor.

Tips on Wearing Combat Boots

Combat boots are known for being rigid while you try to break them in. While breaking in your boots, place a bandage around your heel, where the back of the boot will press. This will protect the heel of your foot. You could even wear two pairs of socks until you have broken the boots in.

Sometimes it can help to try to stretch the leather, and you can go to a shoe mender who can do this for you. They will put on a mock foot and then pull the leather for about 24 hours until it softens. If you want to wear combat boots, then you also have to think about what kind of outfit will go with them. You can find many styles featuring combat boots in many fashion magazines.

Whatever your style, buying a pair of combat boots is a great way to accessorize your outfit. You can wear the boots with trousers, jeans or dresses and skirts. It will give you a bit of an edge in the fashion world. There is something quite feminine about girls wearing combat boots with a dress, as it gives them a tomboy look while still showcasing a bit of femininity.

If you think that combat boots are for you, then head out and try some on in different colors and see how you feel. They may be a bit hard at first to wear, but over time they will get softer until they are quite comfortable.