Winter is hard enough, especially trying to get from the house to work or to school and keep your feet warm and dry.

It seems no matter what we have on our feet somehow wet manages to creep in, and once your feet feel damp, cold or wet then the rest of your body feels the same way and you are miserable and shivering.

Worse yet, is getting home and kicking off this footwear only to have to stick your feet in them the next morning and noticing that they didn’t quite dry with you  balancing them over the heating vent overnight.

Using specialized tools works best for this scenario and you can get a boot and glove dryer that will not only dry out those wet insoles or fingers, but can also warm them so that you put your feet into toasty boots when you want to head out.  Wouldn’t that feel nice?

A friend of mine has a 3 season porch which is great for kicking off sandals in the middle of summer but terrible for the winter accessories.  Nothing worse than sticking your feet into freezing cold boots and putting on gloves that are already cold before you even get out in the snow.

If we want to enjoy the season, then the first priority is to keep yourself warm and dry.   Winter just seems easier to take when your toes and fingers do not feel like icicles.

Here are 5 affordable ways to keep your feet and fingers warm and dry, or maybe even just treat yourself to a warm up before you head out the door.  These would also make a great gift idea.  When your hands and feet are warm then you will feel warm.boot and glove dryerCredit:

MaxxDry Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer XL
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(price as of Jun 18, 2016)

Boot and Glove Dryer

This is a compact unit that plugs in to any electrical outlet but creates a warm gentle breeze that is sent right to the toes of the boots and the fingers of those gloves.  By placing your footwear upside down on this unit, you will get the warm drying breeze all the way to the toes, which will help to prevent odours and bacteria from building which is common when insoles remain wet.

This unit can do 2 pairs of boots or shoes or use it for gloves too.  You simply turn them upside down on this unit and they dry in less than an hour, so you don’t need to keep them running all night.  You can also switch them out for a few pairs to dry in an evening.  If you put your footwear on the unit right away then you can have them dry in no time.boot and glove dryerCredit:

Peet Dryer - Glove DryPort Attachment
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(price as of Jun 18, 2016)

Peet Dryer Glove Attachment

If you already have a Peet Boot Dryer and you need to dry gloves, then you can get these attachments that will work well with any gloves.  The gentle heat will stop them from going crunchy too.

Boot and Glove DryerCredit:
DryGuy Thermanator Boot and Shoe Dryer
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(price as of Jun 18, 2016)

Boot and Shoe Dryer

This unit does not use a fan but quiet radiant heat, but one of the bonuses of this unit is that it can be attached to the wall to free up floor space.  This is great in a small entrance way or in a condo where space is at a premium.

The drying time is a little longer but it is also energy efficient with a gentle warming heat delivered to the shoes or boots.  If you get into the habit of putting your accessories on this unit right away then you will be warm and dry for your next outing. Boot and Glove DryerCredit: a

DryGuy TurboDry Shoe and Boot Dryer and Warmer
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(price as of Jun 18, 2016)

Adaptable to Car 12V Boot and Shoe Dryer

If you love to travel or get out and about in the winter and you end up with wet feet, then this is a great unit to keep in the car for that next ski trip or winter outing.

These heating fans fit right inside the shoe, and can plug either into a household electrical outlet or they can also plug into the car with the 12 volt car adapter. 

Having one of these ready in the car can make your winter day easier to take if you know you can dry your boots or shoes right now instead of having to wait until you get home.

This would make the perfect gift for those winter enthusiasts and would make it more tolerable for you especially if you get cold feet.  You can use this unit to warm up your shoes or boots too.  They fit right inside to dry them so that odours and bacteria do not get a chance to multiply. Boot and Glove DryerCredit:

Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Jun 18, 2016)

Portable Shoe and Boot Warmers

If you just always seem to be miserable with cold feet no matter how heavy and thick your boots or shoes are, then this is the perfect way to stay warm.

These are portable boot warmers that are operated by battery.  You can get up to 21 hours of winter fun before recharging.  This would be perfect for those winter hikes or playing in the snow with the kids.  The battery pack fits on the boot yet out of the way and will give you continuous warmth to the soles of the boots.

This is a great way to stay warm on the go. 

Things have changed.  No more trying to fight for the furnace heating vent overnight, or having to tear apart your shoes and boots to get them dry and hope they will be dry by the next morning.

Or that lovely aroma that goes through the house with the boots and wet mitts on the heating vents or ruining your clothes dryer trying to get things dry.

There are many new products that can make life much easier, that don’t take up much room and will keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

You just need to decide what type of boot and glove dryer you need, or maybe you just love the idea of warming up your boots and mitts before you head out into that cold morning.

These accessories are a great way to keep your entrance neater and dryer and also make your expensive footwear last longer.