With winter around the corner, it is time to haul out those mittens, gloves and boots, and it is also time to get out the boot trays and mats to catch all the melt water.

But one of the things I used to dislike the most was the kid’s mittens and boots being wet.  They would come in after an afternoon of playing and having fun in the snow,  or simply walking home from school would have them involved in some kind of snowball fun and they would look like snowmen when they entered the house.

After they shook themselves off of snow they would be wet right through.

My kids always managed to get snow and ice inside their mittens and gloves and especially the boots.  My evenings would be spent trying to get these things dry again before the next day.

But as I was researching ways to get as much storage out of my entrance area for winter gear, I came across these mitten dryers and boot racks that I thought would be perfect for my space.

I too am not the best at keeping dry once that snow gets deep, it always ends up in my boots, and I want to keep my winter boots for at least a couple of years, so keeping them dry is the easiest way to also keep odours in check too and for them to retain their ability to keep my feet warm.  But I don’t have a lot of spare room for large drying racks, and I don’t like putting everything in my clothes dryer.

I found four different ways to not only store mittens, gloves and boots but to get them dry and toasty for the next day.  Nothing worse than putting on cold damp gloves or boots and heading out into that winter delight already feeling cold.

Mitten TreeCredit: Amazon.com

Mitten Tree

This is the easiest and quickest way to not only dry mittens, gloves and hats but also to keep track of them.  They are out in view and not laying in a crumpled heap on the floor or on your furniture.  You can find them when you need to go out again. 

This doesn’t take up much room either and by letting the air circulate around them is a good way to get them dry for the next day.  This one is a robust wrought iron, so it will not rust.  You could simply sit this on a rubber boot tray to catch drips and even small boots can be hung upside down on this.

Mitten Drying RackCredit: Amazon.com
Glove Drying Rack Great for Gloves Mittens or Socks 2pk
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Mitten and Glove Drying Rack

This one holds mittens and gloves and will sit over a heating vent to catch the warm air and dry the insides of the mitts.  If you have a heating duct near the entrance way then this is a great way to get things dry by utilizing the house heating. 

It sits quite close to the heating source so it will force the heated air into the mitts and gloves and they will be dry in no time.  If you leave them there overnight, they will not only be dry but toasty warm as well, which is a great way to head out into the cold of winter.

Mitten and Boot Drying RackCredit: Amazon.com
Rack'Em Economy Boot and Glove Dryer
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Boot and Glove Dryer

If you have larger ski mitts or gloves and boots, then this dryer also utilizes the house heating vent but it sits a little higher than the previous one.  So, this would be perfect for adult ski gloves and hats or boots.  These are an affordable way to keep things organized and dry. 

This is a much better system then spreading them out all over the house.  The next morning rush can be hard if you already have your coat and boots on only to remember your gloves were drying in the clothes dryer downstairs or on the heating vents in the bedroom.

So, it is best to keep everything nearby.  Shake all the excess snow off before placing these over your heating vents and they will dry much quicker.

Electric Boot DryerCredit: Amazon.com
PEET Dryer - Advantage 4 Shoe Electric Express Dryer
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Electric Boot Dryer

If you had to find your way home in a sleet storm and were forced to walk through slush and puddles then you can easily overwhelm your boots.  The snow can get in over the top but the worse is when it gets in through the bottom or simply through the openings.

It can be very hard to get the inside soles of the boots dry and toasty.  Furthermore if they are left damp then odors and bacteria will form and it will eat away at the fuzzy lining that is designed to keep you warm.

So, you need to get those taller boots dried as quickly as possible.  This is an electric boot dryer.  It costs a little more but it has a timer so that you don’t over dry them and it uses gentle heat so that your house doesn’t smell like wet boots.

This will save those expensive leather boots or dress boots that got wet inside by drying the inner lining without leaving the boots stiff.

Now you can dry them overnight and it will shut off using the timer, but you could turn it back on first thing in the morning so that you can have warm toasty toes to start your day.

I can tolerate winter and the cold as long as I don’t feel cold and damp either in my hands or my boots.  I have a friend that keeps all their winter wear on the seasonal covered porch and putting your feet into those freezing cold boots is enough to put me off my day.

Starting out with warm and dry accessories is the perfect way.  So before the winter flies, take a look at your entrance way to see which mitten, glove or boot dryer would work best for you.  Then get out all your winter coats, hats, mitts and accessories so that you can be ready for that first real winter’s day and stay warm and dry.