Boots Smooth Skin IPL Home Hair Removal System - Review


  • Promises permanent results
  • Can be used on face as well as body
  • Competitively priced, compared to similar products on the market


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for PCOS sufferers
  • Not suitable for black or Asian skin
  • Small light head means treatment takes a long time
  • Uncomfortable to use when the light head heats up
  • Replacement head required after 10,000 flashes

Full Review

The Boots Smooth Skin (IPulse) Home Hair Removal System does not come cheap. Currently retailing at £275, that may seem a little steep. However, if you consider the cost of all those razors, waxing sessions etc, then the promise of being permanently hair-free goes some way to rationalizing the cost of the initial outlay. You also need to buy Boots Smooth Skin Treatment Gel to apply to areas before use, at £3 a time. My tube has lasted eight sessions of underarms and bikini, so this is the least costly part of the process.

And, eight sessions in, yes, I am seeing results. But let's go back to the start. To use the device, you must have clean and freshly shaved skin. And no tan or fake tan! You turn on your unit, select your setting - 'dark' is the least intense, 'fair' the most intense - apply your gel, and get zapping!

While the process itself is not painful, it's certainly a little uncomfortable. Eight sessions in, and the intial energy and enthusiasm I had when it was time for my weekly treatment has well and truly gone. Now it's a chore that I don't look forward to, even if the results are still improving every time. Because of the size of the treatment unit, it can only 'zap' a small area at a time, meaning it can literally take hours to treat large areas, such as the legs. The longer you use the machine, the thinner and lighter the hair grows back, and the less uncomfortable it becomes, so you may wish to start on a less intense setting and move up to the highest setting after half a dozen or so treatments. It's worth noting that women are advised not to use the machine during their periods, as sensitivity to pain is often greater during this time, so if you do use it then, be sure to use the lowest setting.

Boots say to expect permanent hair removal between 6-12 sessions, but my feeling is that I'm going to need more to get rid of the lot. (My skin is fair, and my hair is dark, making me an ideal candidate). It has, however, definitley reduced the time between shaves - now I only shave once a week, just before my treatment.

In Closing

It's widely acknowledged that at-home treatments are often not as effective as salon treatments, meaning that although it's considerably cheaper, you may require ongoing top-up sessions to maintain the results. The odd stray hairs may also need more intense work (applying more pressure is Boot's suggestion). So, I would recommend the Boots Smooth Skin IPL Home Hair Removal system to those who are committed to regular use over a long period of time.

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