Dog Breed Info & Guide: Beagle Collie Mix Cross

A Collie Beagle mix can be both a great working dog and a perfect, loving family pet. These are what we refer to as designer dogs or crossbreeds, which simply means that Collie Beagle mixes are a mixture of two different purebred animals.

What is a Collie Beagle Mix?

As is obvious from the name a Collie Beagle mix is a dog that's a mix between a Collie and a Beagle, but this can happen in two different ways. Your puppy may be the offspring of two other Collie Beagle mixes, or it could have one Collie parent and one Beagle parent, depending on how your breeder chooses to breed his puppies.

What Should I Know About Designer Dogs?

There is one important thing you need to know about designer dogs. When you buy  a purebred dog it is easy to say how your puppy will grow up, since it will have been bred to a strict standard. But with designer dogs this prediction is more difficult because they inherit different traits from each parent. This means that though we can make predictions about your crossbreed based on what we know about the parent breeds we can't say for sure how big your puppy will grow or what its personality will be like.

How Big Will My Puppy Grow?

Collies and Beagles are both mid-sized dogs, though on opposite ends of what we consider the mid-size spectrum to be. A Collie generally grows to somewhere between 22 and 26 inches in height and weighs between 50 and 75 pounds. A Beagle is a little smaller, growing to between around 13 and 16 inches in height and about 20 to 25 pounds.

Your Collie-Beagle mix is going to be somewhere between these two extremes in all probability, meaning it will be smaller than the average Collie, but bigger than the normal Beagle.

What Will My Dog's Coat Be Like?

Beagles are generally short haired dogs, with smooth, straight coats. Collies come in two varieties, known as rough and smooth. A rough Collie has long, straight hair, whilst a smooth Collie has short, straight hair. Your dog's coat will depend on which variety of Collie it's related to. This will be a straight haired dog with a smooth coat, but hair length can vary.

Are There Any Coat Concerns?

Coat concerns will vary depending on the kind of Collie used for breeding. Collie-Beagle mixes with smooth Collie blood should need little maintenance other than occasional brushing and shampooing. Mixes with rough Collie blood will need their coats trimmed and brushed to keep them looking clean and healthy.

What Will My Pup's Personality Be Like?

Collies are sweet, lovable and affectionate dogs that are easy to train and get along well with children and with other animals. Beagles are sociable, funny, smart and also great with kids. It's likely therefore that your Collie-Beagle mix is going to be a good family dog with a loving and loyal temperament, but also a dog that will need training and be active and energetic.

How Much Exercise Will My New Pet Need?

These dogs do tend to be very energetic and lively. This means that they will need plenty of exercise. Twice daily walks are a must, and some form of training is the best idea. This breed will not do well shut in a house or apartment all day.

Do These Dogs Have Any Health Concerns?

Collies are considered to be very healthy dogs, though they have a slight tendency towards eye problems. Beagles have a propensity towards heart and back issues. As a crossbreed your dog is likely to be healthier than a purebred animal however, though you might want to watch out for the above mentioned issues.

How Do I Know If this Designer Breed is Right for Me?

Collie-Beagle mixes are good family dogs, though they will require plenty of exercise and won't fare well in apartments. The best idea is to get to know adults of this cross-breed to see if this is the right dog for you, either through a friend or through a local breeder. You can also find information in online forums from other owners about this breed.