German Shepherd Collie - Dog Breed Info & Guide

A Border-Collie German-Shepherd mix is sometimes known as a Shollie. This kind of dog is a crossbreed or a designer dog, which means that it is a mixture of two existing breeds of animal.

What is a Shollie?

A Shollie is a mix between two well-known breeds and it is possible that your Shollie puppy will be the offspring of two Shollies itself, but more likely he or she will have one German Shepherd parent and one Border Collie parent, as breeders consider this more pure. A Shollie will therefore have a mix of traits from each of the two parent breeds.

Border Collie German Shepherd MixCredit: Bad Apple Photography via

"Paisley Drinks in Some Sun" | Bad Apple Photography | CC BY 2.0

What Do I Need to Know About Crossbreeds?

A purebred dog is bred to very strict standards, and that means that it's easy to guess the future size and personality of the animal. This is not true of a crossbreed however. Because a crossbreed inherits different amounts of traits from each parent it is much harder to say what the future animal will be like. The information below is only a guideline, since even puppies from the same litter are often quite different.

How Big Will your Pup Grow?

Both parent breeds are medium to large breeds of dog. A Border Collie generally grows to around 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder, and about 27 to 45 pounds. A German Shepherd is typically slightly bigger, growing to around 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder and between 50 and 85 pounds in weight.

A Shollie will also be a medium to large dog, usually bigger and heavier than a Border Collie, but smaller and lighter than a German Shepherd.

What is a Shollie's Coat Like?

A Border Collie usually has a long haired coat that can be wavy in appearance, and a German Shepherd has a medium length coat that is thick and straight. A Shollie will usually have a medium-length straight coat, though occasionally they'll have longer fur.

Are There Any Coat Concerns with Shollies?

Shollies do not need a lot of coat maintenance, and they don not need their coats cut or styled. They will need to be brushed occasionally, and a good wash with shampoo might be necessary sometimes. They will shed a little hair, though when seasons change they can shed a lot more than that, at which point you will need to brush them more often.

What Will My Shollie's Personality Be Like?

Border Collies are very intelligent and highly trainable, they can also be very playful and affectionate, developing a strong bond with their owners. German Shepherds are again very intelligent and trainable, they're also fiercely loyal and very brave. A Shollie is likely to be smart, agile, brave and loving and will enjoy and respond well to training.

How Much Exercise Does your Dog Need?

Both Border Collies and German Shepherds are usually working dogs and they have a lot of energy. For this reason your Shollie will probably need a lot of exercise with walks twice daily. Combining exercise with training will probably satisfy your dog more than simple walking alone.

Do Shollies Have And Special Health Concerns?

Border Collies are especially susceptible to hip and eye problems, whilst German Shepherds also tend to suffer from hip problems and also digestive and skin issues. The good news is that because a Shollie is a crossbreed it will probably be much healthier than a purebred dog. Your dog may inherit these disease tendencies from its parents though, so you should keep a watchful eye on him or her.

How Do I Know That a Shollie is Right for Me?

Shollies are generally smart, affectionate and very active, making them a good choice for young families. They need plenty of exercise and lots of space though, and probably will not be too happy living in an apartment.

If you want to find out if a Shollie is suitable for you then you should try and visit one. Local breeders may let you visit if you call them first. There are plenty of online forums dedicated to Shollie owners as well, and you may want to register with one or two of these to get more information about living with the breed.