The open road, wind in your hair and adventure on the horizon. Taking a road trip across the USA is one of those items that seem to end up on everyone’s bucket list. From Bonnie and Clyde, to Thelma and Louise, the American road trip has been an inspirational journey that many have taken.

Route 66 is the obvious choice, however consider planning something a little different, for a totally unique adventure.

You could start your trip at the Canadian border at Jasper Nation Park, right in the heart of the breath taking Rocky Mountains. Here the rugged landscape is awe-inspiring and the wilderness is completely untouched. Heading south you will pass through the Glacier National Park which is a popular area for skiing, sightseeing and hiking, so be sure to park up and let the fresh mountain air cleanse your lungs.

Later you will drive through Western Montana and gaze in awe upon the landscape’s natural beauty, until you reach the Idaho border. Crossing into Idaho you will see the Salmon River which leads into Sun Valley – a location famed for its luxurious ski resorts.

Once you leave Sun Valley prepare yourself for a dramatic change in scenery. Epic, sprawling deserts replace the mountains and rivers as you travel south toward Nevada. The road here is known as the loneliest is America, yet the unforgettable beauty of the journey makes the solitude bearable.

Just as the isolation begins to take its grip you will hit the bright lights and thrills of Las Vegas – quite the culture shock. The atmosphere in the city is intoxicating and the fun is never ending. Take your chances in one of the many spectacular casinos or go and see a famous stage show. Just make sure that the Sin City won’t leave you with too big a hangover as you hop back on the road heading across the Hoover Dam into the state of Arizona.

You will then travel into an area known as the world’s greenest desert due to the Sonora Desert’s abundance of lush greenery on the final stretch. This part of the journey has some interesting landmarks to pass including the Biosphere research facility, an intact Cold War missile silo and a handful of pretty ancient churches. Your epic road trip ends at the Mexican border, but the memories will last a lifetime. Book your flights to USA to make this dream come true.

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