Born To Be Wild (2011)Credit: Born To Be Wild (2011)Credit: Born To Be Wild (2011)

This is a review of an inspiring documentary about how some people make the world a better place for animals. A place that would be much better at first if other human actions didn't destroy the elephants and orangutans' family.

Daphne Sheldrick : the elephants

Daphne Sheldrick has taken care of many orphan elephants. She created and adapted a milk formula for baby elephants. Her foundation travels and looks for orphan elephant whose mother has been killed, most likely by poachers.

Caretakers are then looking after them and make sure that elephants grow up safely. Then when the time comes, they release them, back to the wilderness to live freely with other elephants.

Birute Galdikas : the orangutans

Her story mirrors the one with the elephants. Baby orangutans who have lost their mothers would die if no one takes care of them. They are taken care of by humans who accompany them back into the forest, no matter how long it takes.

Morgan Freeman

Him again ! That's not really a surprise. Morgan Freeman has something in his voice that make him great for storytelling and voice-over. A soothing voice that makes the movie easy to follow and really nice to listen to. I just wanted to acknowledge his presence.

Jumping back and forth from Kenya to Borneo : was it too much ?

As an elephant lover, I didn't really care that much about the orangutans. I paid 11$ to watch a 40 min movie in the IMAX mostly to see elephants on an incredibly big screen. I did see them and at times, I could count at least 20 of them in front of me, which I have to admit was absolute bliss for someone like me.

Since the movie was also about orangutans, I was kinda disappointed to see every two minutes that the documentary went back and forth between Kenya and Borneo, elephants and apes. Every time something touched my heart, I didn't have time to fully experience it and the scene cut to the other animal. There wasn't enough time to connect with the emotional part of rescuing the animals.

So, how was it ?

I think the movie would have had a greater impact if focusing only on one animal and going deeper into the life of the caretakers and how the sanctuaries are run. The message about these endangered species is clear : we have to save them and people have dedicated their lives to do it.

So it's not the best documentary that you can find about elephants but the landscape and the animals are worth seeing in IMAX. Otherwise, some documentaries are way better than this movie.