The Bosch GTS1031 10" Portable Table Saw - Overview:

The worksite saw must be really portable, functional and efficient and straight forward to use. The GTS1031 Jobsite Portable Table Saw achieves all this plus much more - for instance enhanced protection functions.

Bosch offers the latest Bosch GTS1031 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw, the only power tool in its class to incorporate hard-wearing, but lightweight saw designed specially for comfortable and painless single-handed portability. Its lightweight design offers experts the capacity to easily proceed through a multitude of worksite environments and conveniently store it vertically, upon its side or flat on its back for secure portability.

The GTS1031 comes with an expandable table top to meet sawing needs upto 18in. for a variety of tasks. Bosch engineers constructed the one-of-a-kind GTS1031 all-steel base using an effective, ergonomic soft-grip handle and optimized center of gravity, making it easy to transport in a single hand for perfect portability. Other similar tools in its category demand users to hold a saw with both hands.

The enhanced Bosch design will help professionals deal with doors far better, climb steps and manoeuvre in similar restricting areas without any difficulty. As well as a free hand to carry more back and forth from your van to save some time and effort.

One more distinctive attribute of the base is its ability to give you full under table storage space for those accessories, like the rip fence, miter gauge, blade-change wrenches, push stick and Smart Guard parts. For owners, this unique feature now means nothing should be lost and things are protected from any rough job site areas.

The GTS1031 comes with Bosch’s award winning Square Lock Rip Fence system for dependable and confident capability. The fence effortlessly moves right or left across the measuring scale. And once locked, the device self-squares the fence to the table-top, using pressure from both front and rear rails, ensuring consistent accurate cuts.

Users will find the impressive Bosch Smart Guard system which has the same modular style as the 4100-series saw, showcasing an adjustable three-position on-tool riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and easy-to-attach tool-free barrier guard.

The Bosch GTS1031 portable table saw offers the competence to undertake a wide assortment of applications. The saw cuts up to 18-inch widths and can support up to an 8-inch diameter, 1/2-inch dado stack. With a 4.0 HP max and a 5,000 RPM motor, the GTS1031 can cut through rough lumber, sheet goods, flooring, stair treads, shelving, siding, trim and much more. The all-steel robust base incorporates a nearly indestructible light-weight structure and the rubber feet provide it with maximum balance whenever in use.

Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw - Product Specification:

  • 4-horsepower, 15-amp motor
  • one-handed carry design
  • 18-inch rip capacity
  • square lock rip fence
  • 24-tooth blade
  • rip fence
  • smart guard
  • miter gauge
  • blade wrenches
  • L-wrench

This model provides the very best portability and utilizes a stable and compact structure that makes transport a hassle-free, one-handed job. The Bosch GTS1031 works with a lightweight base that contains a handle and is ready to be placed on its side for storing and the all steel structure will manage the abuses of a job site. Due to on tool storing for add-ons plus a tool free dust chute clear out system, the Bosch GTS1031 is a highly spec'd, supreme worksite portable table saw.

Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw - Technical Details:

  • Square lock rip fence self-aligning design for accurate performance
  • Optimized capacity for broad range of applications
  • Complete on-tool storage under table--store, rip fence, smart guard, miter gauge, and wrenches
  • Operating Input Voltage 110 volt / 120 volt @ 60hz (North America)
  • Power Used (Amps) 15 Horsepower (HP) 4 HP RPM (Rotations Per Minute) 5,000
  • Blade Size 10-inch
  • Tilt Direction Left
  • Bevel Angle Range -2 to 47 degrees
  • Arbor Size 5/8-inch
  • Max Depth of Cut at 90° 3-3/8-inch
  • Maximum Rip Left of Blade 7-3/4-inch
  • Maximum Rip Right of Blade 18-inch
  • Table Size 22-1/2-inch x 20-inch
  • Overall Size 22-1/2-inch x 22-1/2-inch x 13-inch