1. This major appliance takes up 3 feet X 2 feet of space.

2. It can hang on a wall to give more floor space.

3. No coils to burn out.

4. Save 20 to 30% on gas or electric bills since the water does not get stored in a tank and need to be kept hot.

5. About the same initial cost as conventional hot water heaters.

6. Continual hot water depending what size is purchased.

7. Quiet, good looking appliance.


1. Electric voltage box might have to be upgraded to accommodate your new electric Bosch Tankless hot water heater.

2. A plumber and an electrician will need to be hired to install the Bosch, electric tankless hot water heater.

Full Review

During an upgrade renovation, I sought a replacement for my traditional hot water heater with a Bosch Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater. My first hand experience from research to purchasing can now be shared with you.

There are many brands to choose from in this appliance category. I inquired from plumbers, construction workers and do it yourself stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. I also did research on line to seek out information on the brand I wanted to consider buying.

I do not have gas to my residence, so needed to look at only electric tankless hot water heaters.

There are numerous sizes to choose from in Bosch tankless hot water heaters.

1. Single faucet tankless hot water heaters are just for the shower or tub use. They can also be put under the sink for the kitchen or bathroom sink use.

2. Small home use tankless hot water heaters are designed for use in a limited family size home. This appliance can accommodate using one major hot water source at a time.

3. Standard size is for use in an adequate square foot residence. This unit permits using two major hot water sources at once.

In Closing

My Bosch, standard, electric, tankless hot water heater has given me 1 year of complete satisfaction. I have used the dishwasher and shower at the same time with an endless amount of hot water for both. I now have a full closet to use, since my appliance hangs on the wall only measuring 8 inches deep. I highly recommend this Bosch, electric tankless hot water heater. I have experienced a 25% drop in my electric bill since I installed this appliance.