The Bose VideoWave II Entertainment System Review: An Early Look
I participated in an extended demonstration of the VideoWave II Entertainment System at my local Bose retail store.  The VideoWave II is an upgrade from the previous generation entertainment system introduced in Fall 2010. I dread visiting shopping malls, but I must say the experience was well worth it and I would go again.  The store had a special media room with about 15 theatre-style seats. I sat front row, center -- though the experience is so satisfying to the senses from throughout the room.  Here is my review of what makes the Bose VideoWave II Entertainment System so tempting to buy.

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Sharp, Realistic Video Helps You Get Lost in the Programming
The demo included concert performances, sporting events, and scenes from nature.  The picture is simply fantastic!  It is very natural looking -- like the Apple Retina Display or other high-quality HD televisions.  In terms of specifications, it is a light-emitting diode (LED) 1080 pixel, High Definition (HD) screen with a 120 hertz (Hz) refresh rate.

Immersive Sound that Amplifies the Experience
I have Bose portable headsets (MIE2i), Bose noise-cancelling headsets (QC15), Bose Companion speakers, and a Bose Wave Music System, but I have never heard sound like this from mine, or any sound system.  Even when we went back to the showroom floor to test playing an iPod through the VideoWave system, I noticed superior sound quality.  The media specialist played Money by Pink Floyd (1973).  The song perfectly demonstrates the base notes, high notes, as well as the super, high-tech, directional sound technology.  Whether watching a program or just listening to music, the VideoWave will have you turning your head to different parts of the room wondering how the sounds got there.
Integrated Design Means No More External Speakers and Wires
(Spoiler Alert)  The room had four speakers and a sub-woofer covered with black cloths.  Towards the middle of the presentation, the media specialist lifted the cloths and revealed the lack of speakers or woofers at all.  The wonderful range of sound, including deep base and directional sound was all coming from the “television” unit.

Upgradeable Console Allows Integration of Current and Future Complimentary Technology
The Bose installation team will connect audio/visual accessories including the iPod/iPhone dock that comes in the box as well as your own accessories, such as: a Blue Ray player, AppleTV, and Digital Video Recorder (DVR).  The team also provides a thumb drive used to transfer software updates from the Internet to the console.  Bose has committed to placing the “smarts” in the console and keeping the technology that runs it from becoming obsolete.  Console updates keep up compatibility with new technology.
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The Click Pad Remote Controls the Video Wave and Any Devices Connected to the System
The five-inch remote replaces other remotes to control the VideoWave II Entertainment System and integrated accessories.  It includes just a few buttons to control commonly used functions: power, volume, source/channel switching. For everything else, there is an easy “touch, glide, click” surface that brings up an on-screen display to activate more functionality.  Customization is available to program other common functions.  You will definitely want to ask the setup technicians about how to maximize this feature for your setup.

Choice of Two Models and Price Points
Models come in 46” and 55” priced at $4,999 and $5,999 respectively.  The price includes delivery and installation.  Add another $250 for custom installation, meaning mounting on a wall.

Comprehensive Service and Support for an Extended Ownership Experiences
The retail price includes with delivery and Installation. The installation process includes special testing and adjustments to make sure the sound is perfectly tuned for your particular room.  In addition, the Bose installers spend some time making sure you know how everything works before they leave.  They will also remove an old television for free.

There is a two-year, in-home service agreement.  Once you get the VideoWave II repaired, the two-year warranty is reset from the repair date.  I asked about extended warranties and Bose does do extended warranties.  They have à la carte repair pricing, though it is too new for a basic menu of repair costs.  The media specialist suggested that many basic repairs, not covered under warranty, would be under $200 for in-home service.

My Overall Review of the Bose VideoWave II Entertainment System…
Honestly, I had planned to wait for an Apple television solution before upgrading my entertainment system.  However, after experiencing the cutting-edge technology of the Bose VideoWave II Entertainment System, I will definitely buy one as soon as I have an extra $5000.

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