Boss DD-20 Giga Delay

What is a Boss Giga Delay Pedal?

Purists will argue it is too cold, or unnatural to be considered the best delay pedal. However, for the price, the Boss Giga Delay DD-20 is a powerhouse of features, functionality and design that cannot be beat. It boasts the longest delay time of any delay pedal with over 23 seconds of pro-quality delay. With over 11 delay types including the new "smooth" and "twist" modes, you are sure to find a sound that satisfies whatever you are looking for. In addition to having more memory that other delay pedals, it also allows you to store 4 presets of any combination of parameters for easy recall and switching sounds during songs. By far it's best feature is it's ease of use. No other delay pedal as has as many features that are so neatly laid out and easy to manipulate.

Boss DD-20 Features:

Delay mode: I have personally found a use for every delay mode on the DD-20 Giga Delay. The SOS function is great for chaotic intros or outros to songs or solos. If you want rampant unadulterated sound, switch to SOS while pressing down the preset pedal. The reverse function used in combination with sweeping the volume in and out generates an almost synth pad sound. The analog and tape modes each replicate with impressive accuracy the delay color and warmth of boutique pedals much more expensive than the Giga delay.

Tap Tempo: One of it's most practical features is the ability to tap in a BPM in real time into the DD-20 without changing any other settings. If your delay is not matching up just right with the feel of the song, 4 clicks of a button and you're back on track.

Tempo Dial: One of the best ways to use the presets on the Giga Delay is if you play to a click track. Simply dial in the exact BPM of your songs and save them to the presets. Switch to the preset in sync with the tempo keep playing without tweaking a thing.

Construction: One of the benefits of purchasing any Boss guitar effects pedal is their solid construction. There is nothing flimsy or plastic feeling on any Boss pedal. Unlike cheaper guitar effects like Arion pedals not only do you get great sound with the Boss Giga Delay DD-20 but also a product that will last decades.

Boss Giga Delay DD-20 Vs. Nova Delay ND-1

Nova Delay ND-1

Boss's closest competitor to the Giga Delay, is a guitar pedal by T.C. Electronics called the Nova Delay ND1. Some guitarist swear it is a better product, but there are a few differences that lean in favor of the Giga Delay. First is the layout; many guitarists pro and amateur find the Nova Delay too difficult to operate whereas the Giga Delay is laid out for simple and easy manipulation. One benefit of the Nova Delay is the fact that it allows up to 9 presets, compared to the DD-20's 4 presets. I found though that my biggest problem with the Nova ND-1 is that the delay settings were vague and often inaccurate.